Heshun Town a place with stories 男子移植猪眼角膜 家长追逐高端教育

From sunset on

, cloud cloud, flowing in the time passed quickly, a way to walk in line, waiting for the red, spring and summer, autumn and winter seasons and scenery, flower, watching the rain, listening to the wind shangxue. Today, accompanied by the summer line, only in the summer that an empty smile.


out of the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the bustling, far away from the world, away from the scene of debauchery, with a sentiment, a lingering, a desire to experience another ancient, primitive natural style and local flavor.

has long been yearning for Tengchong, finally in front of it when the sense of a kind of moving.

speaking of Tengchong, naturally think of Heshun, hometown of jade, Beihai wetland, Chinese volcanic Atami, expeditionary force…… As a Yunnan, the first time I came to Tengchong, I feel a little ashamed, but also feel proud and proud. Experience in the meantime, it is really aware of the heavy and broad land.

Heshun town is one of the most representative of Tengchong. Heshun and other ancient town is different than the original quiet, natural, ecological, commercial light. Here the scenery is picturesque, beautiful landscape, quaint chic, leisurely, Mr. Li Genyuan worked in poetry appreciation and "Toyama, gray water, river Tuo Po melodious, million, must win small suzhou". So Heshun is a beautiful paradise.

Heshun town is a story of the place, it is the biggest feature of the original really preserved a complete history of architectural style. At the same time also has a superior natural environment, long history and culture, landscape characteristics, humanistic spirit first, architectural style of amazing advantages, influence people here by Confucianism followed the tradition of respecting knowledge, pay attention to reading, the ancient tradition of the Han culture, the essence of southwest minority culture and exotic culture, and the fusion, before the formation of today and has such a distinctive regional culture, perhaps this is the charm of heshun.

with a bit of respect, gently into the streets and alleys of the old town, faint taste of traditional architectural pattern, the Huizhou style architecture, retro decoration, fenqiangdaiwa charm, brighten, beautiful.

and architectural style is: "a screen" three square "courtyard", "four and five yards". Especially the old door window carving, carving true to life, liberal and dignified, Reiki full. The steps in the house are made of a unique volcanic stone.

is a philosopher and Mr. AI’s former residence, former residence of the building is exquisite, Chinese and Western courtyard, brick, building on a lattice, carved fan, western style small balcony, main hall has a stone arches round, vines, simple.

and library construction is quite atmosphere, through the gate, door, garden, library building. Novel structure, unique layout, beautiful and elegant, rich atmosphere. < /;