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College-University Cultural and heritage tourism is an evolving industry and extends to experiencing local cultures and heritage at destinations, understanding the distinctive and authentic sense of the places while connecting with the common threads and arras of human endeavour. Travellers nowadays are looking forward to a more engaging and authentic travel experience that combines leisure and recreation with learning through cultural exploration. This has given rise to the demand for tourism management professionals who can organize tours and vacations for these travellers, ensuring a unique, aboriginal and distinct experience each time. Employers are keen on hiring professionals who can help them navigate smoothly through this emergent transformation and serve their customers in the best possible manner. Not only this, they expect cultural and heritage tourism professional to be capable of performing all routine business activities, including promotion of tourism products, services and experiences, handling daily operations effectively, developing plans and strategies to enhance tourism, distributing accurate product knowledge and destination information, applying const control techniques and accounting and financial knowledge and building sustainable relationships with the clients. Studying Tourism Management Cultural and Heritage Tourism As the cultural and heritage tourism is emerging constantly, the job opportunities are ample. Despite this, there is no respite from competition. Its getting fiercer day by day. Those individuals who are interested in building a career in this field not only need to possess the above mentioned competencies, but are also expected to have specialized knowledge of cultural and heritage tourism market. Specialized tourism management programs in cultural and heritage tourism can help them prepare for rewarding careers in this emerging sector. These post-secondary programs generally run for two years through four semesters, combining classroom lectures and cultural and heritage tourism field placement. They make the right choice for everyone who wants to get into this sector within or outside Canada. Program Content The two-year post-secondary tourism management courses in cultural and heritage tourism cover a wide range of subjects including Cultural and Heritage Tourism Products, World Geography for Tourism, Dimensions of Tourism, Hospitality Accounting, Cultural and Heritage Principles and Practices, Responsible Tourism, Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Human Resources and Career Planning, and Managing Cultural and Heritage Facilities during the first year. The third semesters covers Cross-Cultural Behaviour in Tourism, Tour Planning and Management, Customer Relationship Management, Meetings and Incentive Travel Management, Principles of Hospitality Management and Festival Management. The fourth semester includes an industry field placement, which helps students put their learning into practice and gain relevant industry contacts that can be used as references in future. Studying Tourism Management Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Canada Centennial College Toronto offers a two-year course in cultural and heritage tourism and equips students to contribute to this emergent tourism sector. The program is accredited by UNWTO TedQual. It prepares students for employment with museums, major hotel chains, municipal governments, Ministry of Tourism and Culture and private tour operators. Interested individuals can apply for this program by sending their applications to the college along with a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and scores in English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: