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Fitness-Equipment Want to lose 10 pounds in a hurry? Juice your way to a trimmer, slimmer figure while feeding yourself fresh antioxidants and fiber. You can’t get the high nutritional value of raw juice from the store bought ones as these juices are cooked before being bottled. Getting a head start on dropping weight can be frustrating but adding fresh juices to your routine can show stunning results in a short time period. Using a high powered blender keeps the fiber in your juice, fills you up quickly and helps you stay more full longer. Salads can get boring but we all know how good they are for losing weight so what’s the compromise? How about trying a leafy greens, cucumber and celery drink? Want variety in flavor? Add ginger root or garlic slivers to your juices for even more antioxidant benefits. Losing 10 pounds fast by juicing is as tasty as it is practical. Using a powerful juice to replace a meal will add pure vitamins and minerals to your body, help remove toxins from tissues, when drinking 64 ounces of water (just 4 water bottles) a day and will boost the benefits of the fiber, giving you more energy through out the day. By using a high powered blender for juicing there are fewer parts to clean up and nothing to throw away. Using a centrifugal or auger juicier gives you the clear liquid which is preferred for fasting or when you’re sick and adds to your compost pile but is a pain for everyday juicing clean up. Most high powered blenders hold enough juice for three or four people, usually 8 ounces per person, so the whole family can get a boost to their dietary needs. Most juicing gurus say not to mix fruits and vegetable juices together but the exceptions, traditionally, are apples and carrots; they go with everything. Each fruit or vegetable has certain properties that improve bodily functions, such as celery and cucumbers are natural diuretics while parsley and plums are good for regularity. Blueberries and cherries are great for a morning pick-me-up , replacing the caffeine high-and-crash of coffee. You can cut the sweetness of the fruit juice with iced green tea for those of us who want to keep some caffeine in our morning. You CAN lose 10 pounds more quickly by juicing but as with any new dietary change, check with a nutritionist or family doctor before starting. This way every one is on the same page regarding your health care needs and there are no unwanted surprises. You health care provider can track your progress with you and suggest more or less fruits and vegetables to be used for optimal results. Juicing has been around so long because of its health benefits of adding pure minerals and vitamins into the body. What fruits and vegetables do you like the most? Juice them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: