especially some young people feel more cool 忸怩的意思

Scared of urine! Don’t be cool electric scooter unsafe earlier, saw a lot of people playing electric scooter that is very cool, but it is confirmed that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, currently there are security risks in the sale of the scooter, Swagway and famous scooter maker also said to consumers, please stop using the company to sell products, but and no sign of unsafe products recall. Scared of urine! Don’t be cool   electric scooter unsafe, you may also have seen your friends playing some electric scooters, especially some young people feel more cool, this kind of products, and can attract attention to the crowd around. In fact, in the receiving attention at the same time, but also quietly bear the potential security risks. Scooter unsafe, the scooter manufacturer Swagway said, if necessary, will be recalled in the future launch of the product, especially the US Consumer Product Safety Commission clearly requires the recall of products, the company will start the relevant procedures, and the company will confirm the technical details of each product, and according to user feedback to respond. Cool to Caution! Scooter to determine why the security risks, because there has been a series of scooter explosion problem, and according to the survey results show that let people surprise. According to the market feedback, scooter is one of the most popular Christmas gift. But Swagway says its scooter has passed the relevant safety standards and will address the issues raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United states. 吓尿了!别耍酷 电动滑板车存安全隐患   此前,看到不少人在玩电动滑板车觉得还挺酷的,但据美国消费者产品安全委员会确认,目前市面在售的滑板车存在安全隐患,且著名的滑板车制造商Swagway也向消费者表示,请停止使用该公司出售的产品,但并没有表示会对存有安全隐患的产品进行召回。 吓尿了!别耍酷 电动滑板车存安全隐患   或许大家也曾看到身边有朋友在玩一些电动滑板车,尤其是一些年轻人,觉得这类产品比较炫酷,且比较能吸引周围人群的注意。其实不然,在收到关注的同时,也在默默承担着潜在的安全隐患。 滑板车存安全隐患   该滑板车制造商Swagway表示,如果有必要,将会在未来启动产品召回,特别是美国消费者产品安全委员明确要求召回的产品,公司才会启动相关程序,且该公司会对产品的每个技术细节确认,并根据用户反馈做出回应。 耍酷也要注意安全   之所以确定滑板车存在安全隐患,是因为出现了一系列滑板车爆炸的问题,并根据相关调查结果显示让人们大跌眼镜,根据美国市场的销售反馈,滑板车是圣诞节较受欢迎的礼物之一。   但Swagway表示该公司生产的滑板车通过了相关安全标准,同时会解决美国消费者产品安全委员会提出的相关问题。相关的主题文章: