日本经济财政大臣石原伸晃周二表示 何处飞花txt

Banda Asia: RBA resolution partial Eagle Australian short-term shot up after the fall morning RBA monetary policy meeting minutes released in January, the minutes of the meeting said, according to the economic activity and inflation available data and estimates, the committee decided at the February meeting to maintain the benchmark interest rate unchanged is appropriate. Minutes of the meeting said, for there is evidence that very low interest rates are for family consumption and residential investment growth to provide support, and the Australian dollar exchange rate fell to boost domestic production demand. There were no signs in the minutes that the RBA had changed its conditional easing tendencies. The Committee noted that the prospect of sustained inflation could provide room for policy easing, as long as the move was appropriate and could provide further support for demand. The RBA says whether the turmoil in the financial markets is indicative of weak global and domestic demand remains to be seen. In addition, Japan’s finance minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday that Japan and the group of seven (G7) and other countries to respond to the recent financial market volatility. Asou told reporters after the end of the cabinet meeting. The market has been fluctuating sharply because of global desire to avoid danger. The Japanese government will not be upset about it, but it will work with G7 and the international community. But after that he did not elaborate. He also said he was not considering additional economic policy initiatives due to Japan’s fourth quarter economic contraction. Ishihara Nobuko, Japan’s economy minister, said Tuesday that the bank’s negative interest rate policy aims to promote the continued flow of funds in the economy. Ishihara Nobuko told reporters that the Bank of Japan needs more time impact analysis of the negative interest rate policy, but the policy has begun to affect the mortgage and car loans. He also pointed out that the negative interest rate policy shows the strong desire of the central bank to repel deflation. Today, need to pay attention to the data, Germany February services PMI, eurozone February PMI initial value, UK January CPI per annum, UK January annual rate of core CPI, the German ZEW economic sentiment index in February, Canadian manufacturing shipments in December monthly rate and the U.S. February New York fed manufacturing index. Gold dollar: gold fell sharply yesterday and tested the support of the hourly average of 120 charts. In addition to profit taking continued to suppress gold downward, the market risk aversion in the global stock market bottomed out and the sharp rise in crude oil prices under pressure is the main reason for the decline of gold. Asian city in early trading, Asian stock markets higher across the board to make the market risk aversion further cooling, gold fell below the 120 day moving average support hours and accelerating the decline of the dollar is now trading at around 1193. Today’s attention to the support around 1183, the top pressure near 1200. The dollar yen: dollar yen yesterday upward, dollar trading at around 114.80. The market risk aversion in the global stock market rebound, especially the impact of the Japanese stock market soared 7% decline in temperature so the yen currency hedging to be sold to investors, is the main reason for the dollar continued to rebound. In addition, Japan yesterday announced four quarter GDP data showed weakness of investors on the Bank of Japan expanded the monetary easing is expected to heat up, but also support the exchange rate of the high way

邦达亚洲:澳联储决议偏鹰 澳元短线冲高后回落   早间澳洲联储公布了1月份货币政策会议纪要,该份会议纪要表示,根据经济活动与通胀方面可得到的数据与预估,委员会决定在2月的会议上维持指标利率不变是适宜的。会议纪要称,持续有证据表明,非常低的利率正在为家庭消费与住宅投资增长提供支撑,且澳元汇率下滑提振了国内生产的需求。会议纪要中没有任何迹象显示,澳洲央行已经改变了有条件的宽松倾向。委员会注意到,通胀持续低迷的前景可以为放宽政策提供空间,只要此举是适当的、能为需求提供进一步支撑。澳洲联储称,金融市场动荡是否就预示着全球和国内需求疲弱还有待进一步观察。   另外,日本财务大臣麻生太郎周二表示,日本将与七国集团(G7)及其他国家通力合作,应对近期金融市场波动。麻生在内阁会议结束后向记者称。市场一直在剧烈波动因全球避险意愿。日本政府不会为此而不安,但会与G7和国际社会一道应对。但此后他并未详述。他还表示,自己目前并未考虑因日本第四季经济萎缩而采取额外的经济政策举措。日本经济财政大臣石原伸晃周二表示,日本央行负利率政策旨在推动资金在经济领域中持续流动。石原伸晃对记者称,需要更多时间分析日本央行负利率政策的影响,不过该政策已开始影响到抵押和汽车贷款领域。他并指出,采行负利率政策彰显央行击退通缩的强烈意愿。   今日需要关注的数据有,德国2月服务业PMI初值、欧元区2月综合PMI初值、英国1月CPI年率、英国1月核心CPI年率、德国2月ZEW经济景气指数、加拿大12月制造业装船月率和美国2月纽约联储制造业指数。   黄金 美元:   黄金昨日大幅下挫,并试探小时图120日均线的支撑。除获利回吐持续打压黄金下行外,市场的避险情绪在全球股市触底反弹和原油价格大幅攀升的影响下降温,是施压黄金下挫的主要原因。亚市早盘,洲股市全线走高令市场的避险情绪进一步降温,黄金跌破小时图120日均线的支撑并加速下滑,现汇价交投于1193附近。今日关注1183附近的支撑情况,上方压力在1200附近。   美元 日元:   美元 日元昨日震荡上行,现汇价交投于114.80附近。市场的避险情绪在全球股市反弹,特别是日本股市暴涨7%的影响下降温令避险货币日元被投资者抛售,是支撑汇价持续反弹的主要原因。此外,昨日日本公布的四季度GDP数据表现疲软令投资者对日本央行扩大货币宽松政策的预期升温,也是支撑汇价走高的重要因素。今日关注115.60附近的压力情况,下方支撑在114.00附近。   澳元 美元:   澳元昨日冲高后回落,日线小幅收涨。市场的风险情绪在全球股市触底反弹的影响下有所好转是支撑澳元昨日反弹的主要原因。不过澳元的反弹受到了美元走高和好坏不一的中国经济数据的限制。亚市早盘,澳元短线冲高后回落,现汇价交投于0.7150附近。早间澳洲联储公布会议纪要偏鹰对汇价构成了一定的支撑,但获利回吐打压汇价回落。今日关注0.7080附近的支撑情况,上方压力在0.7230附近。   邦达亚洲   2016-2-16 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: