Ruthless Tianjin knife robbery did not expect a girl (Figure) sql2005安装图解

Ruthless Tianjin knife robbery did not expect a girl (Figure) "come, look, look, fresh cabbage!" The greengrocer crying hard. Jizhou District Bangjun town bazaar, early in the morning, the sound of huge crowds of people, the sale of uproar. Pull three rounds of rental uncle Cao business is not very good, a morning without a pull. At this time, a tall young man walked up and said to go to Yin Liu Zhen Village five. When the car drove to a five lane near the village of a remote trail, the man suddenly let the bus stop to get off the car, said to get off the bus. Just stop the car, the man jumped out of the car and pulled out a knife from the bag, let uncle Cao to surrender her all the cash and mobile phone will also be robbed. Nearly seventy year old uncle Cao, no resistance, can only look at the man left, returned home to the police. Jizhou police after receiving the alarm, immediately launched a patrol and visit at the periphery, according to the suspect human physical characteristics provided by Uncle Cao, a suspicious man one by one investigation surrounding the incident, but did not find valuable clues, the case detection has yet to progress. A few days later in the afternoon, uncle Cao went to the state of the market, suddenly found a few days before the robbery of his men, he hastened to greet passers-by to help the police to intercept and. The man along Bangjun market disarray — are in the direction of North State Street and disappeared in the crowd. The state police station received the alarm all the old Coke rushed to the scene, simple to understand the situation of Uncle Cao, according to the suspect’s last robbery route, and combined with the suspects the escape route, with many years of work experience and understanding of the local terrain, judge Bangjun old street in the shortest and most hidden escape route then with the other police two pronged, all the way along the street patrol Bangjun; another ambush in a warehouse near East Street – point Bangxi side of the road, to intercept the suspect. Sure enough, a few minutes later, a pull waste tricycle attracted the attention of the police. The old Coke stepped forward to intercept, will be hiding in the car to escape the suspect man was arrested, and seized preparing again with a kitchen knife and a machete in the backpack. After the trial, the man confessed to the Yin Liu Zhen Kang, the confessed to the crime of robbery. However, the unexpected is, by the police to verify the identity of the "bandits", the eyes of the Kang turned out to be a woman, the body is thin, and keep the buzz, it is easy to think that the wrong man, because usually idle, living in poverty, so she chose the older man start committing the crime, it appeared in the earlier scene. At present, the suspect Kang has been under criminal detention by the police according to law.相关的主题文章: