The man pretended to be rich two generation female businessman talk business after violence-乃々果花

The man pretended to be rich two generation female businessman talk business after the violence the original title: "two rich generation" and Baoan businesswoman talk business after the violence in Baoan has been cable Ms. Yan Luo business amber business, one day to an elegant style of conversation is humorous, rich two generations, would open a about one million of the goods, it can be the rope broke down, but what happened next to Ms. Suo terrified! Ms. Suo before the second and the two generation of the rich in the best of spirits talking about the business of about one million, one second after the big customers even turned gangster, not only on the cable lady to commit atrocities, also put huge amber room cable Ms. pound moved to 40. After the incident, the police rushed to the cable still suffering from the shock of ms.. After the police received the alarm, video judged by that the suspect will from the home of Ms. cable stolen amber was put on a white car, and take this white car quickly left. Lock the target vehicle, the police immediately on the vehicle track action is judged, found the suspect vehicle on the same day to the direction of Dongguan, in order to prevent the interruption of clues, the police immediately drove to find the white vehicle. But when it was more than five in the afternoon, the white car went back to the crime scene. The police asked the owner to verify that he was a net car. Ask the police to the driver through actions that track, the police found several suspects to Dongguan, suspects have been cruising aimlessly, walked two hours, the suspect came to a hotel. Then the police came to the hotel for investigation, a major discovery. Under the bed of the room to find the suspected police said the electric shock to her stick, as well as a roll of transparent glue and a no card phone. At about 11 noon on September 2nd it was reported in the area of a police station in the area of a police station. Subsequently, the police immediately appeared on the video monitor people were judged, crime officers have determined Jiang, Liu, Hu and other five crime suspects. Arrest Jiang after logically speaking should be said that the case to find a breakthrough, but the fact is not so smooth, Jiang after the arrest, the police found after the incident and other associates have a little connection to other accomplices. But can make nothing of it broughtmany, the disturbance to the police handling the case. After the arrest of Chiang Kai Shek, the police investigation into the dilemma, during the trial, the suspect Jiang’s phone suddenly received a WeChat, WeChat police investigators to usher in a turn for the better. Net Wuhua Jiang told this man, he was in Dongguan Dongcheng District a leisure center work, the evening did not go to work, to invite him to play such a message, and a location information, and then according to this information, and then decided to go to Dongguan for the people of Wuhua Dongcheng District arrest net. Arrested second suspects Liu Mouhou, police ready to be escorted back to the trial together with Ryu, did not expect that the suspect had opened up the phone at the time of the third. The suspect’s partner called, which makes the police very excited, the police decided to let Jiang asked the fate of his associates, so decisive let him answer the phone. Third suspects said he has returned to Hunan from Daoxian County County, lived in the village a person to open a need not ID bin Ying相关的主题文章: