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Small Business 6 Essential Video Marketing Tips Online video consumption is on the rise. In the U.S as well as worldwide, the number of online video viewers has grown tremendously and continues to grow at an ever increasing pace. Online video marketing is a truly powerful strategy as it takes you to the people who are most likely to have an interest in and embrace your service or product. Here are a 6 powerful tips to keep in mind to ensure that your online video marketing strategy produces positive returns. 1.Produce great content. Content is king. Remember, just as you would spend time putting together really thought provoking and engaging content for your articles and blog posts, you need to do the same for your videos. No one wants to sit and listen to content that is boring, irrelevant or mediocre at best. 2. Keep it short and sweet. We all have attention spans that wane and tend to zone out after we feel something has gone on for too long. Do not lose your audience by inundating them with too much information, no matter how great it may be. It might be wise to condense your content or even present them in bit size bits, over a period of time as part of a series, which will cause them to keep .ing back for more! When creating your videos, try to keep your presentations under 5 minutes. 3. Be consistent. As a Traffic Geyser Virtual Assistant, I talk to a lot of prospective and new clients wanting to put videos online. One thing I keep running into is clients who have the deep-seated belief that putting out one single video online will rocket them to the top of their category or niche in Google. Sorry, it does not work that way. Even if your one video manages to land you the number one spot, you have to work consistently to maintain that spot. Working consistently means creating and submitting additional videos that are aligned to your niche or field on a regular and not an infrequent basis. 4.Be descriptive. Do not just create a video and submit to Youtube or your preferred sharing site and walk away. Add your URL, descriptions, tags and keywords to your video so that someone searching for videos that match your tags or keywords can find it. You would be amazed just how many videos are online that are not tagged or referenced. You have spent time creating your content and tweaking your video till you feel its just right and ready to be consumed by others, do not shoot yourself in the foot by making it hard for your video to be found! 5. Save the sales pitch. If your aim is to have people tune out of your message, then by all means, give them your best sales pitch. On the other hand, if you want to connect and build an audience, then focus on sharing and being authentic and engaging. When creating your videos avoid .ing across salesy or promotional. Trust me, if you just focused on being helpful, showing your knowledge and being engaging, people will find you intriguing and want to know more about you, eventually clicking the URL or links that will lead them to your site. 6. Think outside the box. Be honest, when you think about online videos, which site automatically .es to your mind? If you are like most people, you would probably say YouTube. With that said, YouTube is not the only place online where people share or go to look for videos (do not look surprised!). It may be the most popular, but not the only one. There are great site like Vimeo, Viddler and BlipTv, just to name a few so do not limit yourself by thinking YouTube is the only option available. The more places you have videos online, the more exposure you are likely to receive so once you are done reading this, head over to your preferred search engine, do a search for video sites and select the ones that would best fit your audience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: