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Business The on-line business can have a real fast growth and open the road to a real online realm, just and only by choosing the right promotional activities and the right on-line offers. In this article, we will make an example with three steps to find your own ideal on-line business. A lot of webmasters and passionate people launch out on the web, in most cases, to make their passion and their interests be.e a real business, able to replace the actual workplace. In particular, the main choices a newbie has to face are: 1. Creation and .mercialization of information services (such as e-books, reports, newsletter with fee, audio and video products). 2. Use of affiliation methods, where is possible to gain on .mission for every referral. 3. Google Adsense and other advertising (affiliation) model with fee. On the contrary, they should concentrate on what their own website should be, which are the main .mercial and information aims, which products do they want to realize and promote, in order to create a real marketing plan for the development of a long-lasting business activity and especially able to before your time. Anyway, also the use of the three techniques cited above can lead up to great results, especially if they are all implemented at the same time and in a sharp and accurate way (not by chance a lot of successful new economy enterprises are based on these three business concepts). Although, it is fundamental that you select a business model that allows reaching the main goal, that is independent and generate richness. But so, how can you choose the right road to follow to reach these goals? Following here are listed three factors that can be decisive in the choice of your own on-line business: 1. How much control do you wish to obtain? Most entrepreneurs want to have the total control on their own ideas and creativity; they consider this as a fundamental factor of their success. Therefore it is very important to be able to control and manage every technical, marketing and .mercial action, linked to the online business. The control provide also for, and better not underestimate, an entrepreneurial risk esteem, risks associated with investments and recovery time of these investments (how much time do we suppose to need to get a positive ROI). 2. Which ones are the strong points of your ideas? The identification of these strong points in terms of products and services allows approaching the market in the best way and planning the correct promotion and marketing activity. 3. Which is the final goal of your project? This is maybe the most important point. In fact if you dont have very clear your main goal it is very difficult to carry out .mercial and marketing strategies, able to reaching them without losing too much energy and too many mo.ary investments. The most important thing, both that you use one approach or the other, is being able to maximize profits and mo.ize at best the generated traffic on the website to increase the entry flows of the on-line activity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: