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UnCategorized Sometimes we end up growing up just the way we didn’t want to. We .plain, were negative, were not confident, or were just not leading the life we originally planned. For most people they think this is the end of the road and there is no changing! Unfortunately for them they don’t realize that almost anything is reversible. Sure, you can’t change the past but you can change your present and your future and you can walk down whatever gold paved road you want with reassurance and positivity! Most of you have probably heard of subliminal messages or videos. These are somewhat like hypnosis in the way that they almost "hypnotize" your brain into thinking one thing and start thinking that one thing ALL the time. So you can go from a .pletely cynical person to a person that is now a happy go lucky type, or a person that is negative into a person that believes that everything will work out for them! Subliminal messages work in the way that they get deep down into your subconscious. These videos contain images of relaxing situations and circumstances almost presented like a slide show of sorts. You can just barely see the words and phrases flashing in the video which is about planting the seed of positivity and abundance deep into your subconscious mind. Your video will probably also contain some sort of calming music and or other relaxing sounds such as the ocean waves. This is on the same wavelength as the Secret except with the Secret you have to really sit down and MAKE yourself change. Whereas with videos such as these you can more or less turn on the video, watch the pictures and its already started doing what its supposed to do to your brain; change your thoughts and your feelings. The minute you decide to change your thoughts, feelings, circumstances or situation it’s almost like the curtain of self conscious, unhappiness and negativity just lifts up off of you. This is what you want and it’s the only REAL way of getting your life on the right track! The time efficiency of these programs and videos is nice because I don’t know about you but spending hours a day meditating or taking years to devote to learning a method, just isn’t going to happen. I’m busy after all with life and relationships and business and all kinds of other stuff, as I’m sure you are as well! Instead, we need a quick but efficient way to raise our vibrational levels to match what we wish to bring to our lives. That’s what you really need to change, the vibrational levels of how you think and what you feel! Once you change that, you can start changing your life .pletely! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: