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UnCategorized In the old days I used to carry a laptop with an overhead digital projector. And sometimes a portable printer. I looked like a mercenary walking in. I still on occasion use the projector. But not much…same goes for my sales collateral, presentation, brochure, letterhead, portfolio and media packet. First off it’s so much easier. I don’t arrive at a client’s office needing a baggage cart. I show up with my notepad, digital camera and recorder; all fit nicely in my pockets. I don’t carry a phone onsite since I am not an obstetrician or plumber. In fact I walk in with what appears to be just me because it is just me. Sometimes they give me a quizzical look as if to say ‘didn’t you forget something?’ But unless they specifically ask, I don’t specifically tell. If we are at a conference table, I take out my pen and my small paper notepad and put it directly in front of me. To one side I lay my pocket recorder, and to the other my trick digital camera which I take from my shirt pocket. I’m not totally low tech… I then take out my business card or maybe several if we are in a group. I lay them on the notepad. By this time more than a few in the room are watching and wondering what I will do next. Maybe perform some sort of magic trick and up will pop a laptop and projector and sales portfolio packet. As we do the obligatory handshakes and settle in, I slip my card across the table to my hosts. And smile. "Do you have a resume or client list we can review?" is often the first question since they don’t know what else to ask. "No," I answer, "both are provided by Google and Yahoo." "Really?" they ask with raised eyebrows, "do you have a special deal with them?" "No, just Google or Yahoo my name in quotes" I reply. "And your resume is online?" they continue. "No, just my history and work." At this point someone is curious enough to open up their laptop. They Google or Yahoo my name and look up, nodding their head affirmatively. What they see is what I have done. I could .pile one myself in a resume format but why bother. My footprint or search results go on page after page. Depending on Google’s algorithmic moods, it can go on for dozens of pages. As they click down the pages their eyes scan my article topics and they can see I write mainly business articles but also personal development, humor, sports, motivation and politics. I tell them my websites are simply self publishing blogs that store and house my article archives. If they continue to scroll they will see many different websites where my articles are posted. All types of industries; auto, construction, health, real estate, pet care and even a few not so PG sites fortunately pretty far down the list…ha. Some political sites, some personal development sites and even an inspirational site or two. And a few radical ones, a few right wing ones and a few Jesus ones. The advantages for me are many. First I don’t look like a salesman warrior loaded down with gadgets and briefcases inspiring fear as I prepare for battle. If I need a promo sheet, I have one folded up in my pocket just in case. I can use the wasted set up time to chat or start asking questions. Second, I have a very cool business card that is simple, direct and just the right colors. It’s me. Third, they will never hear my cell beep or catch me stealing a glance down to see who called. What an insult. Fourth, I don’t distract everyone by looking for an outlet and setting up my gear. Ten years ago I would set up a mini office to impress. Today I don’t set up anything to impress. Google and Yahoo are nice enough to do that for me. There’s an old sales tactic that asserts if you can get the prospect to do something active they be.e more involved and more likely to buy. Doing a simple Google or Yahoo search isn’t much but it is active. It’s also something they can do when I leave or whenever and wherever they wish. It’s something they can duplicate anywhere and something I have no direct control over. Because of all this, it’s credible. And (in)credible Another important point to note is that I have a clean record. Not even a divorce, knock on wood. So by boldly stating ‘Google my name’ it shows that I am confident that no prison record will pop up. Unfortunately this tactic is not a good one if you do have a prison record… If you Google my name you will find articles of mine in the London Daily News but no record of my being an inmate at San Quentin. That’s because I have had articles in the London Daily News but have never been an inmate at San Quentin. A simple Googling proves both. Thank you Google and thank you Yahoo for making my life so much easier. You ever try to get a three prong plug into a two prong outlet without an adapter? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: