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Fashion-Style The Christmas eve is approaching which is the happy moment for you to spend it with the most important person in our life. Who will you be together with? If you ask me, I will surely answer that I will stay with my beloved boyfriend. I still remember what a romantic Christmas eve he gave me last year. Last year, I had never thought that I would fall in love with him. At the beginning, I broke up with my former boyfriend and was heart broken. One time, I was wandering on the Internet when he sent me a message and asked me if he knew me, because he had stored my telepone number in his phone. I was surprised to hear that, but I could not remember when and where I had met him. Then he talked with me casually. At first, I did not pay any attention to it. However, on the second night and at the same time, he appeared again and continued to talk with me. I just talked with him about some causal topics. Then the third day was the same time and so on. Later, I began to tell him something about my first love, because sometimes I felt too sad to tell him. Then he just .forted me a lot and told me to see problems in different perspectives. I told him that I had lost my believe about beautiful love, but he told me that men are different from individuals to individuals and asked me not to lose heart. Maybe one day the person who really cares about me will appear. Gradually, he became one part of my life, and I would like to tell him all the things happened in my life, and he aslo did. One day, he began to send me a message in the daytime, from then on, we began to talk with each other from the morning to evening. He told me that he love me and wanted to have a date with me on the Christmas eve without my expectation. I had never believed love on the Inter., so I refused it. But he persisted and persisted, finally I agreed. On the Christmas eve, I made up myself carefully and was excited to meet him. But when I arrived the place, I did not see him. I was waiting when my eyes were coverd all of a sudden. He appeared! First of all, he invited me to have a dinner with him, during the dinner, we talked with each other happily. After that he invited me to climb a hill with him and he said that he wanted to watch the view on the top of the hill with me. It was the first time that I have been so happy in my life! After we arrived at the top of the hill, he sent me a bond of flowers and told me that he wanted to protect me for the rest time of his life, which deeply touched me. After that we fell in love with each other and we are very happy, because he always cherishes me and I love him from the bottom of my heart! If you have any Christmas story , please hold it and cherish it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: