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Careers-Employment Youre a fashion photographer. And youve been around for quite a number of years. But deep down you feel unappreciated and underpaid. And you wish for a wand which you could wave in the air for getting everything you desired for in all these years. Sadly, no magic wand exists in this cruel world! But theres a formula, a simple formula, that does exist – and that formula has the potential to turn around your life as a fashion photographer – youll get a flood of assignments and youll be charging a lot more than you charge now. Interested? Read on. The best fashion photographers in India use this formula almost every single day of their lives. The good thing is you too can use this formula. And the formula is NETWORKING. Networking with people you meet every day – networking with people you meet or can meet online. Networking isnt difficult. All youve to do is show a genuine interest in the people whom you talk to. Simple. And here are some simple ways to grow your network. Through social media Social media has changed fortunes of hundreds of photographers – its a powerful and absolutely free tool to reach out to those whom you cannot even dream to meet in real time. Share you photographs on Facebook, InstaGram and other photo sharing social channels – get a professional video done wherein you can share some basic or even advanced photography skills to your audience. Through WordPress I adore WordPress – because it gives so much for almost no cost. Within a minute, you can get your blog up and running online. You can share your insights on fashion photography, update the posts with your latest as well as old photos, and can also go to other photography blogs and say something there in the .ment boxes. Youd love the whole WordPress experience! Search through Google or from the WordPress dashboard for the blogs run by the best fashion photographers in India . Through photography classes and workshops I know you eat, drink, and live fashion photography – but you know what learning never ends. So look for some advanced photography classes or workshops. Believe me the experience will amaze you. Google is the best place to find out all the photography classes and workshops that are being conducted in your neighbourhood. And yes youll be meeting there a lot of experienced and professional photographers who are regarded as the best fashion photographers in India. Imagine the opportunities youll garner for yourself out of all the conversations youll have with these people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: