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Business PVC is one of the most widely used forms of plastic and its only rivaled by polyethylene and polypropylene in terms of applications. One of the most .mon forms of PVC widely used today for different purposes is PVC sheets. PVC is easily formed into sheets of different thicknesses during a process of pressing which is carried out under pressure and high temperatures. During the manufacture of PVC different elements may be added to impart desired qualities depending on the intended use of the sheets. Among these qualities is resistance to UV light. The popularity of PVC sheets in areas such as the building sector, printing, and making of clothing can be attributed to the fact that the material is cheap, durable and easy to assemble. Its relative stability even in harsh conditions means that it can be used in almost all kinds of environments, a fact that has really contributed to its demand. PVC is water resistant which has lead to its widespread use as a damp proof course in the construction industry. Some forms of PVC are stable under UV light and these are most .monly used in the making of green houses. PVC is quite resistant to high temperatures and it generally inhibits transfer of heat. These twin qualities have ensured that it is widely used for insulation purposes. PVC Sheets are available in various colors depending on the intended use. However, most of these sheets are transparent and can therefore be used for the protection of sensitive equipment e.g. traffic monitoring devices. Generally the sheets have a smooth glossy surface which has contributed to their use in the outdoor print advertisement industry. PVC is able to withstand high impacts, a quality which is important especially for outdoor advertisement where there is continued exposure to damage occasioned by the impact of flying debris or even violent human behavior. Advances in technology have resulted in forms of PVC sheets that have additional qualities of fire retarding. This has lead to the application of the sheets for indoor purposes whereby losses caused by fire damage to property can be reduced significantly. Other applications include lamination i.e. the coating of cards and documents to provide a waterproof and abrasive-resistant outer surface. The applications of PVC sheets have not been exhausted as every day emerging technologies point towards new ways in which this highly versatile material can be used. The fact that this material can be recycled is an added advantage even as more .panies try to find new ways of cashing in on the green and environmentally-cautious practices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: