Asp Dot. As A Good Facilitator For Mobile App

.puters-and-Technology The mobile websites and mobile apps have be.e an integral part of modern lifestyle by users to access the required data at any place and any time. The huge popularity of mobile app also encourages many experienced web developers to acquire new knowledge and skills. However, the web developers still have option to create robust mobile apps by using an interoperable and platform-neutral technology like ASP.Net. ASP.Net .es with a number of features that make it a good facilitator for mobile application development. Features that Make ASP.Net a Good Facilitator for Mobile App Development Mobile Controls The ASP.Net programmers have option to create robust mobile app by using a wide range of mobile controls. Along with acting as the building block for creating mobile applications, the mobile controls further provide the required capabilities to the programmers. The developers can access equivalent Mobile Controls for each WML tag. However, some of these tags can be used to beyond the WML tags. For instance, the developers can create Calendar Mobile Control that is not available in WML. ASP.Net Mobile Detection Properties ASP.Net is designed with features to determine the device used by a client while making a request to the web server. The feature helps programmers in differentiating the content delivered by the app according to the type of device. The httpRequest.Browser.IsMobileDevice property of ASP.Net helps the application in detecting the device and delivering relevant content. The Browser object can further use properties like MobileDeviceModel and MobileDeviceManufacturer to gather additional information about the physical device. The active .munity of .NET developers has also designed several projects that make it easier for the ASP.Net application to accurately detect a device and get the information required to deliver the most relevant content. Validation Control While creating mobile app with ASP.Net, the programmers can use five validation controls to check the users input. Whenever a form is selected, the validation controls will check the users input, and will send the page back to the clients device in case the input fails to pass these validation controls. Based on the nature of the validation, programmers can use .pareValidator, CustomValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator or RequiredFieldValidator. Also, they can use the ValidationSummary to summarize and view the validations that occurred. On the whole, these validation controls make help developers in optimizing the security of their mobile apps by checking the users input thoroughly. Mobile Project Template The ASP.Net programmers also have option to use the Mobile Application project template to create sites specifically for mobile and tablet browsers. The feature is designed based on jQuery Mobile, the open source library that is used widely for creating ouch-optimized UIs. Despite sporting an application structure identical to the Internet Application template, the template powered by jQuery Mobile is effective in optimizing the applications look and feel for touch-based mobile devices. At the same time, the ASP.NET MVC4 display modes can be used to detect the requesting mobile device, and render several views according to the devices screen size, browser support and internet connectivity. The programmer can further add custom display modes to render specific view by detecting specific mobile devices. Support for HTML5 Form Types Within a short span of time, HTML5 has be.e an integral part of cross-platform mobile application development. The web developers can .bine HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to create sophisticated apps that run on multiple devices. ASP.Net 4.5 makes it easier for them to create mobile apps by supporting several HTML5 form types. The programmers can use the support to easily access a number of nee controls in HTML5 including email, search, URL, number, range and date pickers. Microsoft recently announced .NET vNext with several mobile-first and cloud-first development options. The next major release of ASP.Net also .es with a number of features to facilitate mobile app development. Along with allowing developers to quickly build robust mobile apps, these features further help them in optimizing the applications overall performance. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: