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Web-Hosting Domain registration hosting is of great importance to every website owner. With hundreds and thousands of websites on the World Wide Web, it is important to make a website distinct and unique from others. Domain registration is a process of giving an identity or clarity to ones website. It allows the website owners to enjoy .plete autonomy over their website. Web users are directed to a website only when they type the address of that particular site. For domain registration hosting, the website owner has to pay a certain fee to the domain registrar. The domain name is generally valid for a period of one year. On expiry of that period, one needs to go for the renewal of the domain registration hosting to continue enjoying the exclusive domain name. If the website owner fails to do the same for any reasons, his domain name can be used by any other website or general public. However, if you are a small scale business owner and cant afford to pay for domain registration hosting, you may also get cheap domain registration hosting or free domain registration. There are several domain name registrars who sell expired domain names at cheap rates. You may buy an expired domain name and save a good amount of your money to utilize it elsewhere for promoting your online business. There is yet another way of getting cheap domain registration hosting. There are quite a few web hosting .panies who offer domain registration free along with their web hosting services. You may look for one such .pany over the Internet and enjoy the benefits of this attractive deal. Free domain registration hosting is not only cost-effective, but also easy and convenient. You would not have to look for a web hosting .pany to host your website. Domain registration hosting .pany would offer you .plete web hosting services to ensure you enjoy successful online presence. One such .pany that you may consider for free domain registration hosting is Manashosting. A leading web hosting .pany in Bangalore, it offers domain registration absolutely free to those who avail its web hosting services. The domain registration provided by Manashosting is valid for a period of one full year. During this period, you would get .plete autonomy over your individual domain. You are even free to transfer your domain to any other server. Manashosting offers various domain registration hosting plans to cater to varied needs and requirements. One Domain registration plan, Five Domain registration plan, Ten Domain Registration plan, and Twenty Five Domain plan are to name but a few. To know in detail about these and other domain registration hosting plans, web hosting services, and web designing services provided by them, you may log on to manashosting… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: