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"Brother Tan town" fifth penguins ready to unseat Theo – Sohu entertainment police oath for dead brother revenge entertainment Sohu can not find the penguin mother, had to continue working for Theo. Theo asked the penguin to set fire and find something. The penguin found Gotham’s most powerful. The commandos raided the penguin counting room, and Shuntengmogua found a munitions supermarket, they happen to raid there and killed one of the arsonists to purchase supplies. The remaining two arson had to let their weak sister Bridget special top. The fire burned five places a night and found the antique knife Theo wanted. Looking for someone to ask the source of the penguin knife, that Theo is the brother Tan ancestors to build the city’s big family, but because of a pile of scandals were expelled from the city, is also the Wayne family to erase the deed. The penguin thinks this is the comeback opportunity, sent Butch pretend defection, ready to bring down Theo. Gordon found burned buildings were in the group under the name of Wayne, according to the law to find the next target, together with the commando containment of the arsonist. Two arsonist brother and sister immediately fled, trapped, eventually with a flamethrower to burn a policeman, Selina was rescued. The police oath for dead brothers revenge, Gordon Theo promised to endorse the overall situation and the mayor, Theo’s real objective is to kill Bruce.   相关的主题文章: