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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Make your car alarm system work best by adding useful accessories. Pick the right accessories suitable to your car. A car alarm system is now considered integral when owning a car. The system is a collection of sensors connected to a siren. It is basically wired with a switch somewhere on the drivers side such that an unauthorized forced opening will ring the sirens. Today, modern car alarm systems are digitally-enhanced for maximum efficiency and protection. There are specialized sensors for pressure or motion detection. Sirens can be customized to make a certain sound distinct to your car. Auxiliary batteries supplement the main battery and act as fool-proofing. A .puterized control unit monitors the sensors and sounds the alarm. Besides customized siren sounds and digital systems, the technology behind car alarm systems expanded to include a wide variety of other accessories and enhancers to give your security system, a classy and personal touch. Some of these items are described briefly below. The Digital Time Temperature Remote Start Controller automatically starts at programmed time activations or preset temperatures. It displays time, date and temperature readings. The Remote Replacement Batteries .e in various sizes and voltages. It replaces weakened remote power. It helps maintain a good range. The good thing about this accessory is that there will never be a lapse in operation in cases when the current batteries suddenly run out of charge. The Pulse Timer Relay is an adjustable timer with a 30A relay. A positive (+) or negative (-) pulse, or a change of state (from + to – or vice-versa) on the stripe wire can trigger the pulse timer. These accessories run on batteries and are available from various suppliers and manufacturers. The Door Lock Relay Interface usually works with most factory door locks or contains features for adding door lock activators. It can automatically lock all doors in one button. This is a very essential feature especially when there are passengers who accidentally to lock doors upon alighting. The Nite-light Headlights System has a photocell technology that turns headlights on and off automatically. It conserves batteries and can be integrated into any car alarm system. The Electronic immobilizing devices are made to disconnect all power from the starter to prevent ignition bypass. Just make sure yours is not installed with too obvious valet switches for thieves to disarm your device easily. Some cc will only start when the alarm is deactivated using this remote control. This is better because most car thieves are also adept in car mechanics. The Tracking systems transmits radio signals to help locate your vehicle. It works through the GPS technology. Even if a thief is able to run away with the car, he will not be able to run far as the tracking system will be able to locate him. This tracking system is quite expensive, and it is only effective in countries with GPS-enabled technology already. There are many other car alarm accessories to choose from. Think like a thief and try to guess how they can steal a car. It is one of the better ways in deciding what accessories to install together with your basic alarm system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: