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Careers-Employment A career in sales can be one of the most rewarding jobs there is out there. Forget the stereotypical loud, pushy salesperson, sales jobs are concerned with persuading a client to take a particular action, based on trust and respect. As such, sales professionals must be good listeners, honest and reliable individuals. Sales careers are varied, from specialist pharmaceutical .panies to more the more fast paces FMCG industries. For more specialist science-based .panies, a relevant degree may be required, whilst in the business sector, a good degree in any subject and a drive to succeed may be all that is required. Working in sales, means that you are rarely stuck in the office and will be required to be proactive, attending presentations or meetings across the county – or even overseas. With all the travel, a level of dedication and energy needs to be brought to the role, as sales jobs may require overnight stays or unsociable working hours. Excellent verbal and oral .munication skills are essential for a sales professional, whose everyday job will include a large amount of time liaising on the phone or face to face with clients in an account management role. In addition, reports or sales documents for potential clients will need to be drawn up, so it is vital that those in sales jobs can write to a professional and high standard. Due to the high pressure and target driven nature of the job, those pursuing careers in sales must have a resilient and tough exterior, whilst having the ability to be softer and personable. With pressure and targets however, .es reward – indeed, most sales jobs are .mission based, with on target earnings for sales professionals who are new to the role, being in excess of 30,000. To source careers in sales, many specialist recruitment .panies advertise a plethora of vacancies and can advise on what roles may suit you best, as well as putting you forward for vacancies. It is this approach that encourages many graduates or indeed new career path job seekers to call on the services of a sales recruitment agency. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: