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UnCategorized If you are in a marriage that has been struggling for quite some time, have you ever considered the possibility of dating married people? At first it sounds wrong, and you may think that it is something you would never do. However, once you begin to think about it in another way you may start to change your mind. Unfortunately, there are a lot of failing marriages out there today. They all have problems for their own various reasons. Sometimes financial struggles and responsibilities of family life can really cause a lot of stress and arguments in a marriage. At first it is easy to bounce back from the arguments. The two parties apologize to each other. They kiss and make up, and then all is forgotten and everyone moves forward. At some point one person doesn’t apologize and the bitterness begins. Then it gets to where no one is apologizing and all of this bitterness is building up time after time from every argument. There is nothing but unspoken tension between the two spouses, and what was once a happy relationship between two very close people has now be.e a cold and distant coexistence. Then there is the other issue- routine. Whether we try to or not, a certain amount of routine always occurs in a marriage. It’s because we all have certain things that we repeat every day and we slip into certain patterns in our daily lives. Eventually we grow .fortable with these patterns and don’t bother to step outside of them anymore. This can take its toll on the intimacy of a relationship when you have taken away the spontaneity of the marriage. Some people are able to grow a deeper connection with each other once they have settled into their routine lives with each other. However, some people just end up feeling stuck and suffocated. This is when it .mon for those who are married to start dating. It isn’t that they do not love their spouse. As a matter of fact, they love them deeply. It’s just that they have certain needs that they have to get fulfilled, and they could never imagine leaving their spouse. Sometimes both spouses agree to date, as they have to stay together for their children’s sake and they want to be happy in the meantime. Those who are in a marriage are always better off dating married people. They are in the same boat, so they will be more likely to understand the fact that the person will never want to leave their spouse. Sometimes it is a problem when married people are dating and the other person gets too attached. Overall, it is actually quite .mon for married people to date. This is probably because of the fact that it is so .mon for marriages to be in trouble. Sometimes the best thing you can do for each other is allow some freedom. When a spouse has made the decision to see someone outside of the marriage, dating married people is by far the best option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: