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Don’t lose the sense of reality in the Korean Peninsula issue (Bell) – International – China against South Korea to deploy "Sade" system position is clear, action will be determined in September 30th, the South Korean government despite strong protest from the people at home and the legitimate concerns of national regions including Chinese, have announced the "final address the deployment of Sade anti missile system. The U.S. military also said it would be the latest by the end of next year to enable the Sade system. "Sade" is the reason for the replacement of the site, the South Korean government gives the explanation is "the worry of the county people". However, the new site announced 30 did not solve the problem. In fact, a new round of opposition to the deployment of the German protest has been fierce in the new site is expected to affect the large-scale emergence of Kimcheon. The South Korean government is not only unable to respond to Sade deployment of public concern, it is difficult for all the people to convince the deployment of Sade help to enhance national security in korea. After North Korea conducted a fifth nuclear test, the South Korean government will "Sade" deployment as so-called "measures" a little more hard to speak: "steady progress" Sade "deployment of anti missile system in the peninsula, strengthen the South Korea us mutual defense forces through extended deterrence containment of North Korean provocation." However, to prevent the deterioration of the security issues on the Korean Peninsula must be handled concurrently, a comprehensive system to solve the problem. No matter in the past or now, realize the denuclearization of the peninsula, normalization of relations between relevant countries and constructing Northeast Asia peace and security mechanism, is always very important to create peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The situation in the evolution of many years shows that the so-called "extended deterrence" will only exacerbate the confrontation, then make the peninsula security situation is increasingly grim and dangerous, let the Korean security more impact. Even from a technical point of view, in order to deploy Sade to enhance the sense of security in South Korea is ridiculous talk. Professionals have pointed out, "Sade" radar detection range of 1000 to 2000 kilometers, the minimum shot up to 40 kilometers, taking into account the Korean peninsula of the geographical environment, "Sade" anti missile system "to deal with North Korea’s nuclear threat is just self deception. Really be able to protect South Korea, not one or two like "Sade". Seemingly vulnerable to weapons, but the overall trend of the grasp and a clear sense of reality. The security situation in the Korean Peninsula vulnerable to any party’s violence will only exacerbate tensions. At present, re escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, South Korea to promote the deployment of the "Sade" is tantamount to add fuel to the flames. In fact, even the South Korean people to "take" Sade "for security" this argument also do not buy it. The South Korean media have a voice is becoming more and more strongly: "it is the government agreed to U.S. military deployment in South Korea" Sade "anti missile system ruined everything, so it is necessary to re-examine the" deployment of Sade "."   South Korea "Beijing News" Xiang recently commented that the South Korean government too persistent through the blockade of North Korea and South Korea to ensure the safety of the arms race, the reality of the Korean national is more uneasy, the first security target range of national survival is more and more far. South Korea’s public opinion on the national security situation, the United States to provide effective security protection of doubt, both historical background and realistic basis相关的主题文章: