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"Falling in love" on Zhang Jingchu Xinyi Zhang Lan Qin Biao play Sina entertainment still remember 3 years ago on the screen "" let’s get married? Its upgrade article "we love it" struck. From 2016 start date, the day of November 7th, from this day (today) 19:50, Hunan satellite TV "crisis" will be launched. Winter day, let us warm love. The drama directed by Liu Jiang [micro-blog] articles behind the team, took three years, assembled Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin, Yuan Hong, Ming [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zhang Xilin, [micro-blog] and many other domestic competent actor. Compared with "get married", "love" theme will be more broad to extend to the "dignity" and "love" tells the story of three bestie in order to pursue what you want in life, not all, with courage and strength, final harvest of love and dignity of the love story, but see the life. In order to celebrate the launch of the film side, today also released a special 9 character version of the poster and 2 pieces of "full lineup" version of the poster. Liu Jiang finally renewed classical love three years more "dignity" director Liu Jiang together again behind the production team escort, "let’s get married" after a lapse of three years, the new focus of urban men and women’s emotional life, the contemporary young people’s emotion cognition, life state, the fate of cobwebs, depicting the refined, coupled with the "marriage" after thinking, insight into the society, "we all love", is a rich and big continuous dry cargo realistic evolution of love. Compared with the level three years ago, "let’s get married" explosion, from trailers and trailers can be seen before the exposure, "we love it" pattern is more broad, dramatic elements are more abundant, sometimes joyous funny, sometimes warm heart tear, sometimes anxious and eager, tension and suspense were P, heart the game also find everything fresh and new. The overall structure, the resonance is the flow of this drama everywhere, dignity, love and marriage has become more narrow, more people’s lives change. In the show in November 3rd at the launch ceremony, director Liu Jiang also said, "love it" much more dramatic, rhythm and content compared to "marry" to upgrade, theme is greater, "marry" or "love" marriage theme, not foolishly love drama, and drama is life, is how to live, even if life deceive us, to live with dignity." Zhang Jingchu Xinyi Zhang Lan Qin screen Biao play three bestie tear mutual love to kill actor, actress Zhang Jingchu, wife Xinyi Zhang and Yuan Hong, variety queen Lan Qin, my prince Ming, the old drama of bone, Zhang Xilin portrait of joining. The audience will not only see the three goddess Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin as the first group of bestie with Taiwan Biao play, three girls play different character of different life and feelings, will also see Xinyi Zhang and Yuan Hong after the first assembly, the screen with the box. Quite unexpectedly, Yuan Hong and Zhang Jingchu in the play has a wife and husband Yuan Hong Xinyi Zhang love, can only pass no hand. The six men and starring relationship are quite representative)相关的主题文章: