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Arts-and-Entertainment Planning an Italian themed wedding or any weddings by that matter is time consuming because there are so many tiny details you have to go over. Especially the wedding favors. One of the more popular keepsakes are glass olive oil bottles which is the perfect gift for an Italian style wedding reception. They are useful and practical gifts which will be appreciated by your wedding guests. In addition, it ties in nicely with the Italian theme you have going on throughout the rest of your wedding. When you give a favor that actually will be used, it makes your guests feel more appreciated. They probably cannot even count how many useless keepsakes they have received at weddings over the years. So many people feel bad if they throw them away, so they end up just keeping them in a box in the closet. Instead of giving your guests another useless object that will take up space, why not give glass olive oil bottle wedding favors for Italian theme wedding? There are so many different oil bottle designs to choose from which will match existing Italian wedding decor. Because you are using olive oil bottles, you have a few options when it comes to handing them out. Of course you most likely will place them on the tables where your guests will be sitting, but when it comes to the actual presentation, you have options. You can put olive oil in them so your guests recognize what the favor is. You also can put tiny flowers in the bottles to double as cute centerpieces. If you already have the centerpieces picked out, then you could just put the empty bottles on the tables. After all, it is an Italian wedding, so they will know what the bottles are for. When you have a theme wedding, such as an Italian wedding, it is important to make sure every aspect of the wedding and reception relates to the theme. Your wedding keepsakes should match as well, even if they often are overlooked by some brides. Using glass olive oil bottle wedding favors for Italian theme wedding is the best way to really tie together your Italian themed wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: