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Parenting Kids books should educate and entertain and touch the growing minds of your impressionable little ones. But with so many new books for children hitting the shelves of brick and mortar bookstores and online retailers, how do you choose which new kids books are the right ones to have in your personal family library? Kids books that have staying power usually .bine colorful illustrations, exciting stories and a deeper message that empowers children to take action. Enter the new healthy super kid on the block: Mitch Spinach! In our research, we have found very few books for children that introduce a smart, cool, healthy role model for kids. Most kids books usually propagate the same message that vegetables are yucky, even if you are supposed to eat them. This type of negativity found in so many books for children perpetuate the universal struggle between parents and kids and the battle over eating healthy foods. So, if authors continue to write the same stuff, how are we going to abate the frightening trend in children’s health today. Over half of all children are obese, and type 2 diabetes, ADD and ADHD (all nutrition related health issues) are reaching epidemic proportions with no real end in site. The Centers For Disease Control have stated that this current generation of children will be the first generation to have shorter life-spans than their parents. The World Health Organization remarks that more people are dying from eating unhealthy foods than cigarettes smoking and illegal drugs .bined. What children eat in the first ten years of their lives is of the utmost importance because a childs growing body, with its rapidly dividing cells, is at a greater risk when exposed to all types of negative and toxic influences. As Joel Fuhrman M.D., one of the nations top nutrition experts, puts it in adults, our genetic material (DNA) is wound up in a tight ball, like rubber bands on the inside of a golf ball. When we are young and cells are replicating and growing, the DNA unwinds, exposing more of its surface, which makes it more susceptible to toxic or harmful exposures. Can the Mitch Spinach books for children help? What can a parent do when their children will not eat anything green at all and they seem to only subsist on chicken fingers and pepperoni pizza? Introduce them to Mitch Spinach kids books. Frustrated by the lack of a healthy role model for their children ages 6 and 5, husband and wife authors Jeff Hillenbrand and Hillary Feerick decided to .bine their expertise in health (Jeff holds a BS in exercise science) and writing (Hillary holds a BA and MA in English and is an English teacher) to create Mitch Spinach, a cool, fun, hero who solves mysteries at Sunchoke Elementary and gets super powers from eating fruits and vegetables. These unique and timely kids books get kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables and prompt them to ask their parents for the "superfoods" that Mitch Spinach eats in each story. By partnering with Joel Fuhrman, M.D., leading expert on nutrition and author of Disease Proof Your Child and Eat to Live, these innovative kids books are backed by the latest scientific and nutrition research. Dr. Fuhrman has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Good Morning America, and many more. He has demonstrated that good health begins in childhood, and scientific evidence suggests that the food children eat in the first 10 years of their lives can have a critical and profound effect on their life-long health. The Mitch Spinach kids books also include an additional Secrets For Parents and Teachers section, written in collaboration with Dr Fuhrman, as well as bonus recipes. Dr. Fuhrman presides over the nutritional and medical aspects of the Mitch Spinach mission, ensuring that the information presented in the book and on the website are based on sound medical and nutritional evidence. Oh, and, by the way, the website is really cool! It contains more nutrition facts, recipes, and fun, educational games for kids as well as being a great resource for parents and educators. Every parent shares the burden of raising healthy kids in a fast-paced, fast food and junk food-filled world. The Mitch Spinach books for children make it easier for parents to get their kids to want to eat healthy foods. We haven’t found any other kids books on the market that even .es close. Whether you are searching for new kids books for your own children or just a great book to buy for your niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter, don’t hesitate a second longer and order these wonderful books for children today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: