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Lan Shiting: do a better digestive disease Science – Sohu health we are lucky to have the opportunity to serve the public and common health because of responsibility to take actions to protect the medical equipment and medical technology constantly updated constantly change rapidly with more and more drug doctors to work overtime overload around the reality is more and more and the tumor the high cost of medical care is a frequent medical side side is hospital overcrowding until today, I was glad I chose the medical profession is not only to observe the society from the scalpel perspective, because it is always associated with the life of medicine! If you can, and then hold on to be a good doctor, good health science as a doctor we know that lifestyle and environmental factors, biological factors and medical treatment behavior is the influence of weight four factors affecting the health and longevity of life accounted for 60% of the medical treatment behavior accounted for only 8% of Health Science and health education at present can not get attention the operation is over, every little bit began to spread goodwill Health Science and health care! Founded in 2014, WeChat public? Digestive diseases and one of the founders of the science of thinking is their surgeon occupation localization and qualitative appendicitis, positioned in the appendix, as inflammation of bile duct cancer, bile duct cancer in positioning, qualitative digestive disease science positioning in the digestive system diseases, as total health science by the end of 2016 the end of the first quarter WeChat public the number has more than 8 million! And we are just: operation so far, we always uphold the true, trustworthy, conscientious text dissemination of health knowledge to daily post, regardless of the weather?! During the Spring Festival, X Files, who is still published outside the quiet dissemination of health concept and knowledge occasionally onlookers published a booklet for science media, has just won the annual science figure sun outside the window a fillip, "digestive disease science" will be the collection we will upgrade the opening of a new name: Blue Shiting Lancetty the root Lancet meaning "the lancet". Highlight the surgical roots of Lan Shiting’s "root is Miao red"! After the upgrade of the "blue Shiting" will be the beginning of the heart does not change for you to present the latest health information, the most intimate in every evening and share with you about life, about love, about health…… Lan Shiting will be your carry on health assistant Lan Shiting: do better digestive disease popular digest public health science 0763 stickers appreciation相关的主题文章: