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Li Keqiang’s visit to Canada Canada Montreal Xinhua inventory results on 23 September, (reporter Jiang Yaping Li Baodong) Premier Li Keqiang attended the 23 held in Montreal Sixth China Economic and trade cooperation forum and delivered a keynote speech. He talked about the present situation and prospects in economic cooperation, expressed confidence in the future development of bilateral relations. Analysts believe that the prime minister Li Keqiang’s visit to Canada has made remarkable fruitful, will inject a strong impetus for the development of Sino Canadian relations, plus two is to strive towards the development of bilateral relations new "gold for ten years". Visit the focus of cooperation the 3 day visit itinerary particularly full, but prime minister Li Keqiang is still out of valuable time to attend in the economic and trade cooperation forum, thus his emphasis on economic and trade cooperation. In fact, this visit is also a major focus on expanding bilateral economic and trade relations. At a joint press conference on the 22 day, Li Keqiang and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced the hope that by 2025 to achieve bilateral trade volume doubled on the basis of 2015. To this end, the two sides agreed to start negotiations on the signing of a free trade agreement between the two countries, which is an important prerequisite to achieve the goal of doubling. Only in the two countries in the phasing out of trade tariffs, in order to better expand economic and trade cooperation. Ontario Province Economic and trade minister F Patai Lo 23 days before Canada in Canada "globe and mail" said the author, Canada to play an important role in global, we must embrace bold China investment, vigorously expand cooperation and Chinese. Canada’s economy is currently weak, need to invest in China, but also need to increase trade with china. Fortunately, China and Canada have the desire to promote a better direction for the development of bilateral relations. Wang Jia, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Alberta, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, free trade negotiations on bilateral economic cooperation is very important. Canada and China bilateral trade complementarity is very strong, in the past few years, although trade has increased, but the potential is far from being played out, there is greater room for growth. The signing of a free trade agreement can eliminate trade barriers, is conducive to the economic development of the two countries, will also bring the gospel to the two peoples. The Bank of Canada Montreal vice president Tobin told reporters at the economic and trade cooperation forum, he and many business leaders fully support the two countries signed a free trade agreement, it is important to ensure that the future of the two countries to strengthen economic and trade cooperation. Over the past 10 years, with the pace of economic and trade cooperation is not fast enough, now the Liberal Party government came to power, let the Canadian business saw new hope. Although there will be a lot of challenges in the specific negotiations, but he was confident in the future of China and Canada signed a free trade agreement. Fruitful visit during the visit, with the representatives of both parties in the presence of the prime ministers of the two countries, signed ten cooperation agreements, covering trade, investment, finance, tourism, education, judicial cooperation and other fields, fruitful. The two sides agreed to give full play to the role of high-level national security and the rule of law dialogue mechanism. Many in the signing of the cooperation agreement, including the "China government and the government of Canada on the sharing and return by agreement" and "asset recovery and the Ministry of public security China Canada Huang 7相关的主题文章: