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Computers-and-Technology The are hundreds of thousands of mobile or cell phones in circulation at the moment. In the very near future, there will be more phones around than there are people alive. I myself know a twenty people that own more than one phone, and a couple who own 3 or 4 phones. A pal recently told me ‘I lost my phone’. I replied to him ‘I hope you had a backup of your phone numbers!’ Guess what his reply was. He said ‘I wish!’. As phone handsets reduce in size, they become easier to lose. How many times have you put your mobile phone into your shirt pocket, then bent over to pick something up and it falls out of your pocket. How many times have you left your phone handset on a shop counter, or bus seat, or train seat? They are so easy to lose, and yet are so valuable to us. Many people say that they feel incomplete if they forget to bring their cellphone with them when they leave their house. I feel a bit like that myself. If you lost your phone what would you do? Here’s a few tips: 1. Report the loss to your network provider 2. Get them to put an immediate block on the phone 3. Report the loss to the police 4. Recover your SIM backup so you can restore your numbers to your new handset 5. Report the loss to your insurance company If you lose your phone can cause great distress and can be a real inconvenience for some business people. The numbers stored in a cell phone are sometimes worth their weight in gold. Imagine a salesman with hundreds of prospects in his blackberry. He loses his phone handset and loses all his data. He would have to go back to base and some of his numbers might not be retrievable. It is essential to have a backup of the phone numbers stored in your cell or mobile phone. You can get SIM backup devices, which are easily lost themselves, or you can go for an online backup service. If you lose your phone, or should I say, when you lose your phone because statistics show that everyone will lose their phone at least once in their lifetime, make sure you plan for the loss. Make sure you know the IMEI number, the SIM serial code, the phone handset serial number and the network number to call to report the loss. All these facts will help save you money and stop someone making calls that you’ll be charged for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: