Menopause Symptoms How Do They

Basically, menopause symptoms start to appear when there is an intermittent and erratic changing of your hormone production. The transition of menopause starts at this stage where your ovary fails to secrete enough hormones causing your estrogen to likewise fail gradually. Menopause symptoms, their kinds and levels, may vary on each woman. Some may interact with the symptoms a little difficult than other women, while others may feel less intensity with the problem. What are these menopause symptoms and how to cope with them? Psychological menopause symptoms when a woman undergoes menopause transition, different kinds and levels of depression is more likely to envelop her. However, some studies showed that these depressions are not only the cause of the menopausal transition itself but also other factors such as household circumstances and the lack of sleep. The following are the most typical psychological dilemmas that women go through: Difficulty in concentrating Irritability Forgetfulness Mood swings Overreaction to minor details Anxieties; and others You can alleviate the severity of these emotional difficulties if you will exercise regularly. Through physical exercises, you can preserve your bone strength and maintain your hormonal balance. Also, talking with other women who are undergoing such process may be a big help to deal with the problem a lot easier. Vasomotor menopause symptoms the most .mon is hot flashes, wherein you may experience them even few years before you stop menstruating. They are the result of the changing temperature control of your body. They would continue for a little more years, after your menopause. Hot flashes usually occur at nighttimes, where you may feel sudden waves of heat all over your body, more particularly on your face and chest. Other problems that ac.pany hot flashes: Palpitations Perspiration Chilling or sweating Headaches There are alternative treatments that you can take to control hot flashes. Some of these are: – Herbal treatment – Taking vitamins and natural supplements – And some medical treatments prescribed by the doctor By following these simple tips, you can minimize the dis.forting effects of hot flashes: – Avoid too much stress – Minimize caffeine, spicy foods, and alcoholic beverage intake – Drink cold water when you start experiencing signs of hot flash – Wear .fortable clothes – And when the hot flash starts, splash cold water on your wrists and face. Sexual problems your intercourse activities will be affected as vaginal dryness is already appearing as another menopause symptom. This is the result of the decreased estrogen level. You can try to apply some stimulants so to reach orgasm. You can also have vaginal lubricants for a less painful intercourse. Urinary problems estrogen loss has been discovered to play a role in the urinary problems of women undergoing menopause process. Because of the loss, tissues found on the urinary tract also undergo changes, leaving these women to encounter difficulties with their urinary activities. The following are the typical problems that these women may find themselves with: Urine leaks (may occur even from your small movements such as laughing and coughing) Vaginal dryness, and vaginal discharge, itching and burning. Urine infection Frequent passing of urine (daytime and nighttime) You can have a regular exercise to .bat the severity of these urinary problems. Also, exercise bladder training can be a simple yet effective treatment to lessen the amount of dis.fort that urinary problems are giving you. Sleep/Insomnia problems these are usually the result of the hot flashes occurrences. You may experience tossing and turning at nights leaving you awake all night and tiredness during the days. 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