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Book-Marketing Chetan Bhagat is a young prolific Indian writer which have wrote and produced numerous works. His literary works ofart include One night @ the Call Canter, Three mistakes of my Life and 2 States : The Story of My Marriage. He is also written script for some films. Studied engineering and then management this alumni of IIM married to his class mate Anusha. Bhagat’s writing style is very simple. Stories are presented in linear narratives. One Night @ call center shows high imagination and his writing style is much artistic. Here he has not uses one single protagonist but keeps several characters. Film has also screened based on the novel’s story. In the orbit of the novel these six characters are employees of a call center which is based in Haryana a state of India adjacent to Delhi. The novel is filled with lot of drama. Some thing unbelievable happened with them one night as they get a call from God. Here is deep turn in their life. The protagonists Shayam and Voroom are in love of priyanka and Eesha. Eesha want to be model. Shyam mehra alias Sam is another hero of the novel. The whole story depicts lost love, baffled ambitions and loss of family affection. It has also tried to dig out the patriarchal pressures where staying g with a girl is a taboo or even talking to her. It gives a contrast to the globalized environment. A very interesting book can be bought online. You can buy Cheap Horror Books for young adults. You can also Buy Books Online . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: