Pt-4000-b Thermal Imaging System-didadi

Business If you want the best hand held thermal imaging system then IR-CAM 59X will be the best suited. High performance, uncooled thermal imaging, sharp color, fill radiometric and easy to use concept impresses customers. It has a 320*240 focal plane array detector which produces ultra smooth image displaying thermal differences. There are multiple color palettes, high resolution. Low noise, uncooled temperature images are available. You get clean crisp images in the LCD screen present. It .es with a flat panel display with crystal dear face and bright TFT performance. No additional power supply, all you have to do is attach the series to the device till it gets locked in a quick lock mode. This option is normally used when doing work in tight areas, on rooftops, looking up at buss ducts / transmission lines, or even for .fortable viewing in a laboratory / Research and Development application. Mold infestation, moisture damage are some of the other things where this device is used. It has got a detector which is 320*240 Uncooled Focal Plane Array, spectral response which is 7-14 micron / 60 Hz real time; it takes more than 30 seconds to start. It weighs 1.6lbs. (.73kg) PT-4000-B thermal imaging FLIR PAN TILT infrared imager PT-4000-B thermal imaging system is a vehicle or fixed mounted thermal imaging FLIR system. This device is used mainly in the military conditions, which shows us how tough this device can be withstanding such rough conditions. The 360 is available in a wide range of COTS configurations including mobile, pan-tilt-zoom and fixed mount scenarios. It short, medium and long range thermal imager FLIR capabilities. This device is used in force protection, thermo-vision flash imaging sight scope border patrol, and any critical fixed or mobile night vision surveillance and acquisition. The dimensions of this device are 11"W x 9"H x 9"D (w/Pan and Tilt), it weighs About the Author: 相关的主题文章: