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Quit-Smoking GOOD FOR YOU !! You have made a very wise choice ! Soon you will be breathing easy and once again feeling good not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. We have created a product so real, it will seem like you never quit smoking at all. You will experience all the sensations of a real cigarette, but free of all the harmful chemicals. Who are we? We are eCigAir, a .pany who strongly believes in creating safe, simple and easy to use products while using the latest and most up to date technology that will deliver all the results you would expect from a number one, top rated premium product. Now that you know a little about who we are, let’s talk about eCigAir and what it can do for you. eCigAir is made up of two partsthe clearomizer and a battery. That’s it ! How simple is that ! No .plicated instructions on how to put it together, it practically does it for you ! The battery powers the clearomizer which in turn heats the e-liquid. When you draw from the eCigAir, it is passed through a filtering system and exhaled as a harmless water vapor. No smoke, no ashes and no cigarette butts to worry about. When you are done, just put the eCigAir in the carrying case, slip it into your pocket and be on your way. Here are some of the benefits of using eCigAir: 4000 Fewer Chemicals In traditional cigarettes there are over 4,000 harmful chemicals and substances such as tar, carbon monoxide and arsenic. Over time, these chemicals can severely damage your lungs and your overall health. Thankfully, eCigAir’s electronic cigarettes contain none of these dangerous chemicals and are also smoke-free, ash-free, flame free and tar-free. Save Thousands The average smoker spends over $300.00 a month for cigarettes. With eCigAir, each refill is equal to over 30 cigarettes, giving you massive savings from the very first day. You can save as much as $5000.00 a year !! Smoke Anywhere eCigAir electronic cigarettes are smoke free, ash free, flame free and tar free, allowing you to enjoy them anywhere and satisfaction is guaranteed. Some additional benefits would include: No more yellow teeth, bad breath, stained fingers, coughing, difficulty breathing, the smell of smoke in your hair and clothing, the lingering odor of cigarette smoke in your home and more importantly the effect that second hand smoke has on people and pets around you. Your eCigAir Deluxe Kit includes: 1.Two Clearomizers 2.Wall Charger 3.USB Charger 4.Two Ion Rechargeable Batteries 5.10ml Bottle of E-Liquid 6.Designer Carrying Case 7.Instruction Manual 8.6 Month Warranty Breathe easy, take deep breaths and feel good inside and out. You have just taken the first step to a long and healthy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: