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UnCategorized Sizzling, scrappy, bold and daring! Richard browns fresh flute is alive with energy. This flautists smooth jazz CD is the most capturing I have heard in years. I sat there listening to his free flute style and was mesmerized by the earthy tones. The sound was dazzling and when the music was done it left the taste of raspberry-pineapple in my mouth and the smell of lilac in my nose. Richard Brown is truly a Jazz flute Master. Richard Brown is recording music again after a fifteen year hiatus. He has a CD of new music .ing out soon but first he wants to share some of his older tunes. He put these out on tape back in the old days, but now has updated them so that they will be offered as Jazz downloads. Not only is he a great musician, but this play list of original works proves that he is an extraordinary jazz .poser as well. The sound is great, the music is cool, and the flute technique is awesome! Rick Brown started playing the flute in 1972. After a few years of hard work, he became a professional flautist and other than a four year stint in the U.S. Army he has made his living that way ever since. It is a good thing for us. Very few musicians can .e close to Brown’s .plete .mand of the instrument. He is a master of free flute improvisation. In addition to this CD available for download, Brown has put together a Jazz band, called Black Diamond. This is the fifth band he has lead and it promises to be his best. With the band Rick shows his versatility as a flautist, keyboard artist and backup singer. Along with this high-powered group of musicians, Rick has been playing at dance and R&B Clubs all over the East Coast. This is not the band you will hear on his first CD though. That pleasure will .e later with the release of his second play list. As you listen to this, his innovative first set of songs, you are sure to enjoy the musical excursion. This album is a pleasure from end to end so .e and listen to the upbeat sounds of Richard Brown master of the jazz flute! The musical suggestions that the artist makes on this play list demonstrate an independent spirit and a free flute. Richard Brown has produced one of those rare releases that are available too seldom of late: a jazz flute album. Richard should soon be one of the jazzs most talked about flautists This CD finds Brown really .ing into his own. This flautist, is proof once again that America produces a great crop of talented musicians. This album should have a four star rating. It is highly re.mended. Don’t miss out on this truly astonishing find. You won’t regret it, as a matter of fact, you’ll be back for more! And though his second album has yet to be released, even for reviewed, I am anxiously anticipating its release and I’m sure it will be a treat worth waiting for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: