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Program 3648 Review: Sandra from California gives a Program 3648 review as well as discusses the great work her Program 3648 representative did in stopping her foreclosure for free. Sandra says that getting everything for free, which is part of the Program 3648 scam prevention efforts, was "wonderful." She recommends Program 3648 to other homeowners who may be behind on their mortgage or in foreclosure. Sandra’s Program 3648 review: Program 3648 – Could you just state your first name and the area where you live? Sandra: Sandra. I live in Northern California. Program 3648 – Could you just briefly explain what happened in your case? Sandra: Oh, certainly. I lost my job and was unable to make the mortgage payments. Program 3648 – Okay, and may I ask how you heard about your certified Program 3648 representative, Ms. Nancy Moeller? Sandra: Well I had seen their signs in my condominium complex, because they had sold some other condos in that area. I called them. Program 3648 – How much better did you feel about your situation after visiting with Ms. Nancy Moeller? Sandra: Oh, much better. I wasnt sure what I was going to do because certainly I didnt want to go into foreclosure which seemed to be my only alternative because I wasnt able to make the payments. She explained to me that they could take and short sell it, and negotiate with the mortgage company and take care of everything for me. Program 3648 – I know Sandra that sometimes the short sale process can be long and cumbersome. How was your experience working with Ms. Moeller? Sandra: Well, it was great. She took care of everything for me, kept me well-informed; sent me all the information that I needed and paperwork to sign. Program 3648 – Okay, and what were some of the things that were done to help relieve the stress of your situation? Sandra: Well, everything. They took care of everything for me. I was pretty stress-free. Program 3648 – What did you like most about what Ms. Moeller did and the work that she did for you? Sandra: Well like I said, just keeping me well-informed, good communication and every time I had a question about something, she gave me good answers and provided, like I said, everything I needed. Program 3648 – Fabulous. Now Sandra, I know a lot of foreclosure scams are out there that charge homeowners money, and they dont provide them any help. Program 3648 scam prevention efforts have done a lot to help homeowners understand that they can get real help for free. How did it feel for you to receive all of the help and the services that your Program 3648 representative provided at absolutely no cost to you? Sandra: It was wonderful, because I wasnt in a situation to pay for any costs. Like I said I lost my job, I was in unemployment. I knew I had to make other arrangements for living expenses so I didnt really have any funds. They explained that to me right up front that it wasnt going to cost me anything. Program 3648 – Good. What would be your recommendations to other homeowners that are considering a short sale using a Program 3648 representative such as Ms. Nancy Moeller? Sandra:Oh absolutely, absolutely. Program 3648 – Okay. Sandra:I would definitely recommend them. About the Author: John Davis is a Communications Director for Program 3648. Program 3648 is a privately sponsored nation-wide initiative to reach out to homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments and provide them with the information, guidance, and actual work that is required to avoid foreclosure. Certified Program 3648 Representatives volunteer their time to assist as many homeowners as possible and all services provided by Program 3648 are always free for every homeowner. Our website, provides you with the information, tools, and resources you need to understand the programs and options that are available to you. You can also link-up with a local Certified Program 3648 Representative that can discuss your specif Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: