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UnCategorized You know you would like to teach English in an Asian country but are not sure where. You have sought advice, done your research but are afraid to actually take the leap? When trying to decipher exactly where to go you need to consider the most important factors. In this article we hope to provide you with some insight into teaching English in South Korea. Do I need teaching experience? No, you do not need teaching experience to be able to teach English in South Korea but any teaching experience you may have will obviously count in your favour when negotiating salary. What qualifications do I need to be able to teach English in South Korea? You will need a bachelor’s degree or higher to be able to teach English in South Korea. Some programmes may also accept applicants who are in the process of completing their degree of those who are planning on further their studies toward a bachelor’s degree. This is however very rare and non degree applicants will be very lucky to be able to secure employment in South Korea without a bachelor’s degree or higher. Is a TEFL or TESOL certificate required in order to teach English in South Korea? Although the TEFL or TESOL certificate is not a prerequisite, it is highly recommended that you obtain the qualification and it will undoubtedly be to your advantage. Most schools prefer applicants have the TELF or TESOL certificate and will therefore consider applicants with the qualification before considering applicants without it. Do I receive a housing allowance? Most schools in South Korea provide their teachers with fully furnished accommodation within walking distance of the school. What is the length of the contract and what are the salaries in South Korea like? Salaries in South Korea are fantastic. You will be paid on a monthly basis and will also be paid extra for any over time you may be asked to perform. Salaries can be calculated according to your teaching hours for the week. You can expect to sign a contract for a minimum of one year. Another bonus is the bonus itself – after your years contract has lapsed (12 months) you can expect one months salary as an added bonus! Do I get health insurance in South Korea? Most schools in South Korea do include health insurance in their contracts. The employer will pay up to fifty percent of your monthly instalment while you would need to cover the remainder. Making the decision to teach English in South Korea would definitely be a wise one. Consider this, the salary is great, you get a flight home annually, you get free accommodation, you only need to pay for 50% of your health insurance instalment and most schools in South Korea already have their own curriculum formed, so you just need to teach it. This is a great added benefit as it will be extremely time consuming to devise your own curriculum, especially as a first time teacher. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: