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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The King Mattress is one of the more easily recognized sizes on the market. Since the 1950s, mattress .panies have been providing consumers with this super-sized style. It began with a specific .pany but several others soon thought to produce this larger product that appealed to a different type of client. The Originals The first King Mattress was originally manufactured by the Simmons .pany. It made its debut in 1958. It was intended to be a luxury item. It was something that staged well in Hollywood, harking back to the purported beds of Royalty. Celebrities wanted one to make their bedroom look truly magnificent. This resulted in the creation of a model specific to California the California King Mattress. Among the favorite targets for these mattresses at the time were athletes. The general size of a basketball athlete, for example, made regular beds un.fortable. Custom beds were the perfect answer. The initial King Mattresses were custom-designed. It was .panies such as Simmons, Sealy, King Coil, Restonic and Spring Air that took them to another level and made them accessible to the public. .mon Sizes There are several different sizes of King Mattresses available on the market. They include the following: * Eastern or Standard King: 76 inches by 80 inches * California or San Francisco King: 84inches by84inches * Grand King: 80inches long by 98inches * Super King: 72 inches width and 78 inches long and .monly found in England King Mattress Materials Because a King mattress is a size and not a brand, it can adopt and adapt to the latest trends. As a result, a King Mattress can be made of any of the substances prefer by the consumer at the time. This means, you can buy a King Mattress that features inner spring coils of the standard or most modern types. It can be .posed of memory foam, gel, latex or even Visco elastic foam. It can even conform to the demands of an increasingly environmentally aware market. It means you can even buy a King mattress made of green memory foam. In addition, there are water beds and pallet beds and even luxurious, high-end canopy beds and that feature a king-size mattress. No matter what type of bed you prefer or what kind of material you like to sleep on, you can find the King Mattress that will fit it perfectly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: