The 19 floor roof, police in one word she pulled back from death (Figure)-cagliari exchange

The 19 floor roof, police in one word she pulled back from death (Figure): close to the rescue site, persuasion, the girl finally figured to the police caught the hand. The police law enforcement surveillance camera original title: 19 floor roof, business frustrated her from death is only two centimeters of rain, to persuade the police a warmth and repeated many times and finally persuaded back to the girl, believe me, please hold my hands warm October 22nd, typhoon "hippocampus" stirred the whole night under the Hangzhou, Hangzhou the storm. By 9 in the evening, the wind was blowing for a few hours. However, in the Xiasha Jinsha Lake No. 1, the top 19 floors building roof, several fuzzy figure, has been deadlocked for nearly two hours. In the wind and rain, only to hear such a sentence, from time to time to be repeated: believe me, hold my warm hands!" Sounds, this is a rather like to appear in the dialogue Qiong yao. In fact, the opening of the PTU at the police don’t know how he sometimes desperate, say the sentence "lines.". That night, though, it’s not a fiction. Police and firefighters spent two hours to let entrepreneurs fail to commit suicide by jumping from the 21 year old girl in front of He Mingbai, later no matter what difficulties, there is always a pair of warm hands can make her hold! The 19 floor roof of her death from only two cm PTU at the police, more than and 40 year old rough man, yesterday evening I had been busy. At 19:45 on October 22nd, in the river just to stop with an attempt to commit suicide because of emotional disputes before the event, sprucing up the clothes were drenched, he heard the outgoing intercom snarled: "No. 71 car! Someone standing in the Jinsha Lake No. 1 19 floor roof edge, please rushed reinforcements!" Ashok almost flew all the way, arrived at the west end of the Jinsha Lake No. 1 from the head of the river sand. Look at the roof balustrade stood the Jinsha Lake police station instructor Yezhan and on the side of firefighters have been heavily armed, wipe the head at wiping the amount of mixed with rain. "A girl, 20 years old, standing on the parapet wall edge, be careful!" At the situation head-on and whispered exchanges, is the first time arrived at the scene of the police station Huang Chenghui. Huang Chenghui turned down toward the eyes, Ashok saw the figure, dressed in a white dress, standing on the top floor outside the fence, no handrails, no depend on the heel position is wall facade, back 2 cm, the vertical direction is 19 below ground. She stood, despite wind and rain slapping the body without rhyme or reason! Unless there is a significant risk to the rescue plan to persuade the girl "believe me, hold me warm hands!" Later, at his puzzled. How he speaks so genteel words. But at that time, he was able to remember, only his own tension to mention the anxious heart of the throat. This sentence under the words, please hold my warm hands, in the subsequent disposal of two hours, he repeated again and again, said countless times. Late 8, the roof has gathered a lot of rescue workers – the girl’s friends, firefighters, police station (co auxiliary police). While continuing to persuade the girl,.相关的主题文章: