The high price of many moon cake purchasing fake mad moon – new network security risks

The high price of many moon cake purchasing fake "mad moon" unsafe – Beijing milk yellow moon cake "egg yolk" cakes called "no sincerity purchasing fake" sea Amoy "veteran" circle ": the moon cake purchasing water is too deep" – reporter Zhao Li – newspaper Intern Yu Chenyang "no good cheap goods. But this’ cheap ‘is not really’ cheap ‘ah." So awkward, then, from the people of Beijing Shen yi. On the eve of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, would like to give the family a little fresh Shen Yue noted that in the circle of friends overseas purchasing WeChat, many people are selling a well-known hotel in Hongkong milk yellow moon cake. Friends have brought back from Hongkong this kind of milk yellow moon cake, taste really good." At the beginning of July this year, Shen Yue in an overseas purchasing a $320 per box price booked two boxes of moon cakes, "at that time, my family and I boasted the cakes are delicious, family is waiting for". Nearly two months of waiting, moon cake, however, the taste is not the same as the original. "In the end which is not the same, I do not know, but the lack of milk flavor." Shen Le kinkily said, two boxes of moon cakes for her "pins and needles," I dare not let the family worry about to eat, eat a problem, but no place to distinguish between true and false, not to fly to Hongkong ". Shen Yue’s distress, not an example. This year, in the circle of friends of WeChat, Mid Autumn Festival moon cake purchasing war fierce. This year to sell moon cake a lot more than in previous years, selling fake more." A purchasing industry veteran to the Legal Daily reporters. The high price of fake Shen Le mouth "true or false" moon cake is really cheap? Let us look at a box of 8 moon cake, the total price of 320 yuan. In other words, a diameter of less than 7 cm of the small moon cake to $40. In addition, plus 15 yuan postage. Because the moon has a shorter shelf life and other factors, supermarket, bakery, cake shop, usually in the Mid Autumn Festival a month will be gradually added. And in stark contrast to this, as early as the Mid Autumn Festival some time ago, WeChat circle of friends in the moon cake promotional war has quietly started, mostly in the form of acceptance. Because of considerable profits, a lot of purchasing luxury goods are beginning to switch, warm turn launched a moon cake link, Hongkong peninsula is the maxim moon cake moon cake, moon cake is currently more popular. "Although I agent earlier, but the price will not be too much discount, because the price of WeChat purchasing circles are basically transparent, earn personal labor costs." A professional purchasing luxury goods told reporters that he was the agent of a known moon cake industry "Rolls-Royce" milk Huang Yuebing in early June this year, WeChat began in the circle of friends, "because there is no pressure on the stock in the WeChat circle of friends selling moon cakes, heard that many colleagues have begun to busy to sell moon cake". Through the investigation, the "Legal Daily" reporter noted that this year in the WeChat circle of friends purchasing mooncakes from as early as June began, with more time, the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the price also will be gone". The people of Beijing Zhao Dan told reporters that at the beginning of June, her two purchasing in the WeChat circle of friends.相关的主题文章: