The History Of Joseph Smith-splitit

Religion Joseph Smith Jr. was one of America’s most prolific, successful and controversial religious figures. As a prophet, he propagated a new religion in the dark days of America’s pioneer days before the country was even completely explored. Joseph Smith’s history is deeply twined with struggles, belief, his undoubting faith, criticism, ostracism, and even prison time. But in the end, by the time of his death in June 24th, 1844; he had created a new religion with thousands of followers believing him no less than great prophets like Moses, Peter, or Paul! The life of Joseph Smith Junior began in Vermont in 1905. His father was a poor farmer merchant, and Joseph was a frail child who suffered from bone infection. As a child, he often walked about on crutches. The family moved to Western New York and took up a 100 acre farm land, where there was a predominant presence of the Second Great Awakening. This religious movement of America was a much disputed religious rethinking where many families went against the followings of the church. Like his parents, he rebelled against orthodox Christianity even though he had studied the bible well. In 1820, he claimed to have had his first vision of God and proclaimed that he had been cleansed of sin and all churches were false. But relating to Joseph Smith, history of the man was always drenched in much hatred and criticism from the Clergy. His protesting nature against some of the rigid practices of the Christian world gave him a controversial place among the people. In 1823, he claimed that while praying for forgiveness, the angel Moroni visited him and told him of a secret book that was hidden near his home. This book of knowledge engraved in gold is said to be the original book of Christ carried on from Egyptian Israelite origins. Thus began the long and vivid history of Mormon philosophy and the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS Church). Today, over 14 million people believe in the LDS Church and are devout Mormons. One prophecy even claims that by 2080 there will over 50 million Mormon believers and the number seems realistic as of now! Through the years, Joseph Smith’s History has inspired many lives with his endless struggles and triumphs to uphold his faith and own views of religion for which he finally became a martyr. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: