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The United States welcomes the election last weekend Hilary hoarse busy canvassing local time on October 27, 2016, Winston Salem of the state of North Carolina, U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hilary held a campaign rally, first lady Michel to help out. Local time on October 24, 2016, Tampa, Florida in the United States, the United States Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump embraced the American flag at canvassing activities. In November 6, local time 5 days before the election, the election ushered in the last weekend, Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican candidate · Donald · Trump opened the war in Florida. Hilary hoarse voice hoarse speech, she braved the heavy rain came to participate in the rally supporters said they were "enough"". Trump announced that he will be in the final two days of the campaign will target the democratic camp, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota. The Republican Party has never won in Minnesota since 1972 and has not won Pennsylvania and Michigan since 1988. Florida is the last leg of Hilary’s last weekend sprint. The Democratic Party rally in the densely populated city of Southeast Florida Pembroke pines. When the rain. Hilary praised the supporters stood in the rain to listen to her speech is enough". She released an ad campaign for the background music of singer Katie · and Perry. The ad will be played in more than and 10 states. The campaign left the last three days, Hilary hoarse voice, only a rally in florida. Trump has four rallies. This is the largest swing states, has 29 electoral votes, the state election about 8 days of voting results. According to the U.S. general election rules, must win 270 College (electoral) vote to elect president. According to the letter, Trump to be elected president, must first win in florida. The battle for Florida looks fierce. Most polls show that Trump’s approval ratings are on the rise, but not more than Mr Hilary. However, public opinion survey analysis website FiveThirtyEight said, Trump chance of victory in Florida is 52.6%. President Obama won the state in 2012 with more than 0.9% of the Republican candidate Mitt romney. 37 million voters have voted in advance. The report shows, Florida, Arizona and Nevada and other key states, the Latino voters will vote in advance more than all previous elections are over. BBC according to the results of the last 5 national polls to take the intermediate value analysis, found that Hilary is currently only one percentage point ahead of Trump. Florida after the battle, Trump also rushed to North Carolina and Nevada to continue efforts. The number of Latino voters in Florida many, many of them from cuba. Trump claims that Cuban voters support him, he promised to provide them with jobs to reduce the crime rate in the urban poor communities. American Latino voters basically voted for Democrats, but accounted for 31% of Latino voters in Florida"相关的主题文章: