To help retired international national football training ball comes with a full range of security-punyu

Retired international help to protect the full range of Korea national football training ball with the Orangemen arrived in South Korea completed the first training of the Beijing News   (reporter Fang Liang) yesterday, the Orangemen were arrived in South Korea in Seoul World Cup Stadium field for the first time after training. Can be seen from the Korean media discourse, the psychological advantage of the host is more obvious. China team training arrangements in the afternoon local time, a large number of China reporters and some China fans came to the training field, but the training is only open in front of the warm-up, the country foot soldiers show relaxed attitude to the outside world. The field training, it is only relatively closed, fans and reporters can stand in the stadium fence to watch the training, some South Korean media also seize the opportunity to inquire about the "intelligence". Sun Ke said in an interview: the opponent is really strong, we must do their own thing." Indeed, Chinese team in this war with the South Korean team away game in the process, and strive to do all matters no danger of anything going wrong. For example, the national foot trip comes with a training ball, in order to ensure that the ball used in training and the ball used in the game to maximize the similarity. In addition, some retired international also spontaneously came to Korea, they hope to help China to do some things. For example, Peng Weiguo, he was invited by a sports video site as a guest in front of the commentary, live in the national team to stay at the hotel. He hoped that through their own experience to help the team to ease the psychological individual players. China Football Association party secretary, full-time Executive Committee Yu Hongchen is Chinese football the Han Zheng "Colonel", in the evening arrived in Seoul, he had visited in the Chinese fans waiting outside. Seeing the fans wearing summer clothes, Yu Hongchen asked everyone to come out and put on more clothes. The 12 strong competition in the war between China and South Korea, there are about 200 domestic reporters reported. South Korea’s local media put a high enthusiasm for the national football training, they asked the reporter recently to the Chinese. Korean media believes that the game with the Japanese team is different, with the foot of the game or to be more harmonious. The national football training on tonight, the training will be carried out at the Seoul World Cup Stadium field, will only open to the media before 15 minutes.相关的主题文章: