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Health When you suffer from panic attacks you may be wondering about treating anxiety disorder and anxiety disorder symptoms. Although, there has been no conclusive results in determining the causes or reasons for so many individuals to suffer from anxiety disorders, specialists do agree that there are various types of factors that can trigger panic attacks. Suffering from an anxiety attack is no fun at all, it is very real and it is terribly frightening for those who experience episodes of this type of anxiety disorder. It is so frightening that those who experience anxiety disorders are often embarrassed as well as irrationally fearful of any particular outside factor that may be in the vicinity, an actual location, person or gathering. Treating anxiety disorder begins by learning more about it and how to treat the symptoms and fears associated with panic attacks. Anxiety disorder symptoms and irrational or unwarranted fears associated with episodes of panic attacks include but are not limited to: – Increase in heart rate and possible sensations of pounding chest pains – Claustrophobic feelings associated with breathing difficulties such as suffocation – Stomach upsets and problems as well as nausea – Mental and physical sensations of lightheadedness, dizziness, chills and or hot flashes and sweats – Numbness or tingling sensation of the hands – Feelings of terror that kick in the Flight or Fright response with the feeling of seeking an escape – A terrifying feeling of overwhelming fear of dying from a heart attack, because of the likeness of feelings – The fear of losing control, embarrassment and especially fear of the next episode of a panic attack Since there is a multitude of millions who suffer from panic attack and that is not counting those who are confused about their personal panic disorder symptoms and do not seek help or are too embarrassed to search for a solution. It is understandable that the severity levels as well as the types of fears and symptoms those that suffer from panic disorders and panic attacks will vary from one individual to another. It seems that various internal, external, behavioral, environmental and genetic factors can contribute to the causes of triggers that signal the symptoms of panic disorders and panic attacks. Some useful treatments for dealing with panic attacks are those which ground the individual in reality that they are not mentally imbalanced nor are they dieing from a heart attack even if it may feel as if they are doing so. Finding the calmness in the storm is the key to treating anxiety disorder and panic attack. In fact, one of the most common fears and symptoms of such is the intense fear of another episode of a panic attack. Treating anxiety disorder is a very personal and unique matter. It is essential when you or someone you care for suffers from anxiety disorder and panic attacks that you consult with your physician. Learn about the various types of panic attacks treatments and anxiety disorder medications may be the most resourceful for treating anxiety disorder. About the Author: Hi. My name is Tony Pavese and I have experienced agoraphobia, alcohol abuse, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. These can develop into serious complications. My ebook will help you understand and hopefully treat these problems. Don’t allow your panic attacks to go untreated. Let me help you. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Health 相关的主题文章: