Villagers dug ditches dug dinosaur fossils for the theft of 14 years to guard the theft-ca1834

The villagers dug ditches for stealing dinosaur fossil patron 14 years original title: dinosaur fossils found after the couple 14 years to keep Liu Rongcai and his wife Wu Xianqiong (picture) November 8th morning, the patter of rain, this year has been 54 year old Wu Xianqiong with a reporter came to a big mound BaoFeng town before Yang village. "Old man, we have protected the dinosaur fossils for 14 years, and soon after you left it, you didn’t see it." Wu Xianqiong at her husband Fentou, with rain, muttered something some things in life. Clearing drains found dinosaur fossils, Liu Yunshu Wu Xianqiong is a big village BaoFeng Yang town of ordinary peasant couple, Liu Yunshu in the coal mine, Wu Xianqiong in farming. One day in 1998, Liu Yun, as usual, at home to clean up the drainage ditch, suddenly hit out sparks. He carefully a look that is one I do not know what kind of animal is the beck. Nearly 30 years of experience in coal mining told him that the bone is likely to come from a rare animal. Report paper, by the relevant cultural worker identification, this is from millions of years ago, Beck herbivorous dinosaur. As early as 1997, in the upper reaches of the Yongchuan reservoir on the excavation of a carnivorous dinosaur skeleton, which is the first time we found such a complete carnivorous dinosaur fossils. And if the herbivorous dinosaurs can be successfully excavated, it will undoubtedly greatly enrich the Yongchuan dinosaur group, will further enhance the visibility of Yongchuan. At that time, the couple did not think so much, they just want to keep the bones of Wu Xianqiong, until the country to dig out the complete dinosaur skeleton. So, Liu Yunshu and Wu Xianqiong two couples assume the guardian dinosaur responsibility, day in and day out, year after year. The couple from the beginning of the day no two people go together, even who have weddings and funerals to eat wine, is always a person, a person in the home guard. The couple a day keep the excavation site since the dinosaur fossils were found in Liu Yunshu’s news, Yang Zhen Da Kou Cun BaoFeng "treasure" the news spread, there are people who come to watch every day. The folk vibe of dinosaur fossils can cure rheumatism, even can cure cancer, listen to the news these people tempted. In order to protect fossils, Liu Yunshu every day in the back, lest someone steal. When he comes to a stranger, he always stares at each other until the stranger leaves. During the day, he and Wu Xianqiong keep changing scene; at night, Liu Yunshu in a simple bed under the eaves, with tape wrapped around block wind, lived there guarding the dinosaur fossils. In this way, Liu Yunshu and Wu continued to protect the dinosaur fossils. Six years later, due to various reasons, the dinosaur fossils have not been able to dig out completely. When Liu happened to let the sad thing, in 2005, Liu Yunshu was diagnosed with advanced laryngeal carcinoma. This news has brought a heavy blow to the old couple of farmers, to the physical condition of Liu Yunshu. In 2012, even though all the dinosaur fossils unearthed, did not shake the two couple Jun Jun相关的主题文章: