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UnCategorized The Brighton Dome has always been a centre for entertainment, today it still has that same reputation with events, .edians and ballet to name just a few reasons! Events at Brighton Dome Located right in Brighton, England, the Brighton Dome is a place where individuals can go for leisure, entertainment or hospitality purposes. Visitors can hold corporate events, attend concerts, learn new skills, enjoy art and provide their children with new learning experiences. The events at the Brighton Dome are varied and there is something that anyone, whatever their walk in life, can enjoy. Musicians: The Past and Present The Brighton Dome is no training space for wannabe musicians. In the past, it has seen artists that include the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beyonce and Kasabian. Musicians in 2010 include Martha Wainwright, Michael Bolton, Ellie Goulding and Eduardo Niebla. Children’s Events Every year, the Brighton Dome holds events specifically designed for children. These events include readings, plays and short stories. They are designed to teach children something new and encourage them to explore the world around them. Artistic and Workshop Events The Brighton Dome holds plays and operas as well as art exhibits. These include craft shows, young adult theater groups and performances for teens and adults. They also include a variety of workshops. For instance, in the summer of 2010, individuals can sign up to learn to dance, play with pyrotechnics, create masks, to drum African-style or how to cook. The workshops are an excellent way for people to develop new skills or to build on skills they already have. Fashion The Brighton Dome also holds fashion shows, so individuals can see new and unique fashions that range from ‘trashwear’ to the latest designs by world-renowned designers. Designers from all around the world showcase their work. Talks During these events, called ‘Talks’, people are exposed to individuals who lead a life different from their own. They can learn about that lifestyle, what it’s like and how they’re treated because of it. For instance, Bikers .e in and share their experience and chat with people, who can also share a meal with them. .edians .edians are among the most .mon forms of entertainment at Brighton Dome. Some .edians who have attended in the past or have plans to attend in the future include Reginald Hunter, Paul Merton, Tommy Tiernan, Sarah Millican and Russel Kane. Some of the shows are suitable only for older children, but in many cases, guests of any age are wel.e. Most events are reasonably priced, but costs vary depending on the event, the interest and where a guest sits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: