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Wu Lipeng "Beijing Metro" hot shot long legs uniform most charming – Entertainment Sohu "Beijing subway" warm male attendant Wu Lipeng Wu Lipeng Sohu entertainment starring Wu Lipeng "Beijing Metro" is hot shot, with the "Yangtze River map" is just emerging in the international film Wu Li Peng, a shot into the reality the theme, Beijing subway staff deduction from the passions. In his new role, evaluation of Wu Lipeng without humor, said, "handsome, gentle, charming and controversial" netizens will focus on his long legs two meters away and uniformed figure on. The first experience of life: to serve the people Lipeng awfully Wu must be handsome in the "Beijing subway", played by Wu Lipeng Ding Xiangyu is an attendant, born with a sense of joy in two, or the warm male hundred-percent. At work, there is always the best way to solve the most difficult problems. In order to better understand the duties given character, Wu Lipeng spent a lot of time and experience in the line of life experience. Observe the attendant daily work and normal life, find different from the same. "As the" Yangtze River map "to shut myself in the cabin of the experience of life, I am very happy to go to Beijing subway station subway staff to observe the passions. Of course, the people must be handsome." When Wu Lipeng in order to better play a good role in the first line in the focus of concern of netizens fell on his right big legs and handsome uniforms photos, "Wuli friends uniforms as handsome, handsome bleeding!" "I saw the uniform control, Wu Lipeng the stills, Second Ring powder, unable to extricate themselves," I want to be the crew after the fare evasion penalty "," all legs below the neck".相关的主题文章: