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Yang Dongliang had spent 3 years to the son of God for their own enterprises transferred to the Secretary after leaving Tianjin, Yang Dongliang sent to Tianjin several times to coordinate Ye Yupeng archives". Sacked a year later, a ministerial level officials has exposed new crime". The Department recently informed the 5 typical cases of fraud of personnel files, and to evaluate the 5 fraud case files "vile and serious nature". "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that 5 people reported in the last year, "8, 12" Tianjin Binhai explosion 6 days after the accident, the State Administration of work safety sacked the former party secretary Yang Dongliang impressively. The other 4, were involved in the Poverty Alleviation Office of the former deputy director of the international poverty reduction center China Wei Chongjin of the State Council; LGOP Chinese comprehensive poverty alleviation and development center director Guo Yuhui original; the former party secretary, director of the Shanxi Provincial Government Offices Administration Ren Yunfeng; the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Bureau of education and correction (Drug Administration) of disease prevention and control by the former party secretary Xie Ling. Last November, Yang Dongliang was arrested on suspicion of bribery investigation and enforcement measures. The new file fraud "crime" of the Central Organization Department briefing, Yang Dongliang revealed in two fraud case files. One of the cases, out of Yang Dongliang’s secretary. According to the Central Organization Department informed, Yang Dongliang took 3 years, for the son of God a forged enterprise archives, as his secretary from Tianjin to the State Administration of work safety. In 1990, Ye Baolin, the private entrepreneur, enlisted his son, Ye Yupeng, to change his date of birth from "1976" to "the year of 1973". Ye Yupeng enlisted a few months after they return to school to continue studying work after graduating from high school, was assigned to the Tianjin District of Tanggu city traffic management bureau. In 2012, Yang Dongliang Ye Baolin or Ye Yupeng from the office of the Tianjin municipal government is seconded to the administration of work safety duty room. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in February 2014, has been transferred to Tianjin, served as the director of the State Administration of work safety Yang Dongliang Ye Yupeng knowingly file age, resume fraud case, "sent to Tianjin several times to coordinate Ye Yupeng archives". Finally, the archives of Ye Yupeng’s date of birth is defined as 1976, military experience is deleted, the archives and records forgery for the Tianjin Institute of political science and law students, the Traffic Management Bureau of Tianjin city traffic police, the Tianjin municipal government office staff of three parts. In July of the same year, Yang Dongliang will be transferred to the administration of work safety, in September, promoted to deputy director of the office of security. Since then, the Yang Dongliang administration in violation of the provisions of the provincial and ministerial level cadres secretary, knowing that Ye Yupeng served as secretary of education does not meet requirements (required to have a bachelor degree or above, still resort to deceit, conditions) nominally reported by the Central Organization Department agreed to arrange the total safety Supervision Bureau of policy and regulation department of a cadre as its secretary, Secretary of the actual work but by Ye Yupeng bear". In the meantime, Yang Dongliang accepting huge property Ye Baolin. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the last 10 months he was informed the Commission for Discipline Inspection in the "double" of the news, also referred to the 7相关的主题文章: