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Zibo a primary school gate base station was to protest the parents worry about radiation – Sohu news "pit" of the base and the housing walls have been affixed to write a "here has been sealed construction on the seal recently, Zibo auspicious Park of Zhangdian District primary school entrance to the construction of mobile communication base station that lead to strong opposition from the parents of the students. Today, reporters learned in the field interview, the base station construction project for construction before the planning procedures have been reported, law enforcement agencies seized freeze. In September 13th, the auspicious Park Primary School Students’ parents Mr. Wang through the news hotline (0533-2868222) reflect, before the China tower company Zibo branch at the school gate to start construction of the base station, base station electromagnetic radiation damage due to worries about the health of students, many parents protested against the company this behavior. 14, 16 am, reporters came to the auspicious Park of Zhangdian District primary school. At the school gate, an unfinished concrete houses stand in students from school through the street, on the south side of the house, a "pit" has been building since the base of the mobile communication base station. The reporter saw, "the base pit" on the seal to the mobile station, on September 14, 2016, seized walls of houses have been labelled written "here has been sealed construction on the red paper, seizure of the unit for the District of Zhangdian City Administration Bureau, many parents of children around the talk in the" pit ". According to the visual location of the base station, a distance of auspicious Park primary school teaching building about twenty or thirty meters, "pit" around without enclosure measures. During the interview, a number of parents showed dissatisfaction with the tower company in the construction of the base station. One of Ms. Sun told reporters that the original construction of the base station in front of the north side of the theater, because operators worried about the impact of the base station radiation show, so it moved so far. Ms. sun believes that since businesses worried about the impact of electromagnetic radiation film screenings, parents have reason to worry about radiation affect children’s health. "From this (base station) a teaching building is also less than thirty meters, parents are worried about the electromagnetic radiation of the base station will affect the physical development of pupils." Student parents Mr. Xu told reporters. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the Zhangdian City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of a staff, he said, because of not planning procedures of the project before the construction of the report, the Zhangdian district law enforcement departments have been seized in today, and ordered to stop construction, to be reported after the relevant formalities for disposal. As the network of press, the reporter has not received China tower company Zibo branch on the electromagnetic radiation level of base station construction procedures and environmental response, this thing we will continue to focus on.相关的主题文章: